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Dirt Road Divinity chat with Katie Weiss ~ Part 2

Season 4, Ep. 39

Welcome to season 4 of Dirt Road Divinity. On this show we explore spiritual awakening and connection as an adventure, often messy and confusing, and always asking us to have the courage to live into all that we are.

Episode 39 is the second of a two-part conversation with Katie Weiss, author, podcaster, and channel of a group of multidimensional beings she calls The Chorus.

From her podcast, Our Next Existence, "Katie is a former technology strategist turned reluctant spiritual channel. The Chorus is a collection of beings who enjoy sharing their perspectives on humanity's existence. Together, they take listeners on a fascinating tour of new ways to understand being human, as well as the incredible context into which humans are awakening now. As Katie discovers, it's not a choice between a human life or a spiritually ascendent one. It is through the experience of both that we expand into…our next existence."

Katie's insight, real-life experiences, and incredible humor, along with the amazing perspectives offered by The Chorus, make for an entertaining and perspective-shifting conversation. From the Game of limitations that we are experiencing in this life to what happens after death, from the challenge of joy to the longing for belonging, much like her forthcoming book, conversations with Katie are like rocket fuel for human awareness.

If you haven't yet listened to part 1 of this conversation, go check out episode 38. This is time very well invested.


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  • 40. EP40: Personal Stories of the Scenic Route of the Soul

    For Season 5, Lisa takes a different approach with the Dirt Road Divinity podcast. Rather than interview others about their spiritual journey, Lisa will share her own personal journey along the scenic route of the soul.Shorter episodes. Deeply personal. Rooted in a meaningful connection with her faith and the Guides who have been communicating with her for decades.Despite mighty reluctance to go solo for this season, Lisa throws off the self-imposed muzzle and the "energetic slumming" that goes with it in hopes that her stories may resonate and provide insight and even inspiration to others. Enjoy the ride.Find the podcast or connect with host Lisa Wade at:Website:
  • 38. Dirt Road Divinity Chat with Katie Weiss, pt 1

    Welcome to season 4 of Dirt Road Divinity. On this show we explore spiritual awakening and connection as an adventure, often messy and confusing, and always asking us to have the courage to live into all that we are. Episode 38 is the first of a two-part conversation with Katie Weiss, author, podcaster, and channel of a group of multidimensional beings she calls The Chorus. This conversation is DEEP and perspective expanding. The ideas she shares, and the challenges she overcame to dive fully into them, offer inspiration and are often mind-blowing. The messages from The Chorus are deeply loving, encouraging, and cheering for humanity’s continued progress in embracing challenge and reconsidering Love as simply Allowing, allowing a thing, person, experience, to be all that it is.Open your mind and your heart and enjoy Part 1 of this fascinating conversation with Katie Weiss. Check back next week for Part 2. We get even deeper!---Connect with Katie and the insights of The Chorus on her website: Find her first book, The Book of Human Awakening at Amazon: the DIRT ROAD DIVINITY show or
  • 37. Dirt Road Divinity chat with Angela Byrne

    Yes, she's an accomplished painter, award-winning author, host of a popular Bed & Breakfast in Kilkenny, loving wife and mother of four, and Angela Byrne is an Ireland national treasure. Her love of country, history, and people shine through in this conversation. I had the great good fortune to meet Angela when staying at her lovely Celtic House B&B in Kilkenny, Ireland. Although we were only there one night, something in her energy and words left quite an impression. Pursuing the inspiration of her soul with both courage and surrender, while not letting fear get in her way, Angela invests her time and talent in what she feels called to do. By following the nudges, she's become a champion of sharing local Irish history with people of all ages and from all places.You can find Angela's three award-winning novels (with a 4th on the way!) on her website and on Amazon. If planning a trip to Ireland, I highly recommend visiting Kilkenny and staying at the Celtic House B&B, that she operates with her husband John.These two television segments also share more about Angela and her love for Ireland and history. Check them out. RTE Nationwide segment featuring Angela and John ByrneA Servant in Kilkenny Castle in which she interviews her mother-in-law about her time serving as a seamstress in Kilkenny Castle during the 1920's and 1930's.---If you have show ideas or would like to be a guest on Dirt Road Divinity, email Lisa at with Lisa online at and @dirtroaddivinity on FB and Instagram.
  • 36. EP36: 8 Tips to Let JOY be Your GPS for more Soul-Aligned Living

    #joy #soulfulliving #spirituality #energy In EP36, host Lisa Wade takes a solo journey into Joy. In sharing her own past struggles with joylessness and also unhealthy false joy blinders, Lisa shares 8 practical ideas to encourage the experience of more joy in your life. If you could benefit from an outside perspective regarding the joy blocks and opportunities in your own life, schedule an energy reading with Lisa. These intuitive energy sessions can bring awareness and healing to life's challenges to make room for more joyful living. Connect with Lisa:Website: www.goldenenergyleadership.comEmail: Lisa @ dirtroaddivinity.comAlso, @dirtroaddivinity on Facebook and Instagram.
  • 35. Dirt Road Divinity EP35: Spiritual Awakening Doesn't Have to Be a Solo Journey

    #spiritualawakening #spiritualcommunity #youarenotalone Spiritual awakening can be lonely. Believing outside the mainstream can feel alienating. Questioning your own sanity can feel scary. Sharing your intuitive insights can bring ridicule.And many of us on a spiritual path have experienced one, if not all, of these consequences. As you expand your perspectives and grow, you don't have to go it alone. Others are experiencing what you are. Others have been through it before. Others are going through it now. Community matters. Knowing you have support matters. You and your spiritual perspectives matter. Insights from those who have been through it can make the journey possibly easier and definitely less lonely. If any of this resonates with you, please reach out. You can like this video and subscribe to this channel. Thank you.You can also reach me at:Email: lisa@dirtroaddivinity.comWebsite links: Instagram:
  • 34. Dirt Road Divinity chat with Jamie Portwood

    Today’s Dirt Road Divinity guest is Jamie Portwood. Jamie weaves healing magic with words. As the programming director for Write Space Houston, she feels that this passion work is a way of engaging concretely in the repair of the world.She believes that being able to write about things, including her big feelings, saved her life…especially when dealing with abuse and being shunned by the church when she most needed support. As a line in her poetry shares, Jamie has forgotten more about the Bible than most people will ever learn…which rings true through our conversation and her thoughtful insights.After breaking ranks with the fundamentalist approach of her upbringing, Jamie now refers to herself as both a “disciple of the rabbi from Galilee” and also a “practicing witch.” When it comes to spirituality, her approach is “if it works for you and you are thriving…then that’s AMAZING.” And to that, I simply say…AMEN.You can find Jamie and the incredible offerings of WriteSpace online at You can connect with me and the Dirt Road Divinity podcast here: Website: lisa@dirtroaddivinity.comFacebook:
  • 33. Dirt Road Divinity chat with Allison Pagano

    Smart. Grounded. Connected. Stubborn for her soul's calling. Creator of Embodied Dance. Really good human.In this conversation, Allison Pagano shares her revolutionary approach to dance as a healing modality to reclaim all parts of one's self. She's combined roots in cultural anthropology, a passion for dance, and training in many modalities of body and wellness work to create a method to empower others toward transformation through dance.Allison has spent the past 22 years traveling, training, and teaching in major universities, hospitals, private dance and wellness studios working with groups and individuals to find healing, enhance performance qualities and support in life transitions through the dance, movement and the healing arts. She is a former lecturing professor at Iona College and former professor of dance technique at Manhattanville College. She completed her MFA in Dance through Montclair State University in 2018. Her choreographic credits include Somatic dance festivals, Iona College, Hackensack Performing Arts Center, the Union Arts Center and the Garden State Opera. Embodied Dance was born out of a desire to fill in the gaps in dance training where the mind body connection is often missing as well as to provide a holistic approach teaching to and from the WHOLE PERSON. This method seeks to provide experiences using dance as a HEALING communicative tool to explore how we interpret, address and envision what it means to be human; evolving and responding to our changing times.Find her at:Website: Group: You can also connect with Dirt Road Divinity and host Lisa Wade at:Instagram: November, I'm hosting the Golden Gifts of Grace retreat in Sugar Land, TX. You can find details and Early Bird pricing
  • 32. Dirt Road Divinity with Jim Summers (part 2 - Ireland)

    In Episode 32 of Dirt Road Divinity, Jim Summers and host Lisa Wade dish about their recent trip to Ireland, amazing music, beautiful scenery, misplaced adventure, fascinating history and architecture, sheepdog demonstrations, megalithic tombs, and so much more.This free-flowing conversation includes lots of laughter and excitement, admissions of total meltdowns, making good use of a personal plastic puke pail, Star Wars nerd-dom, and living into the concept of “this or something better.”By following intuition, listening to local suggestions, and not doubting timing, our experiences far surpassed any of our expectations.  Granted, this conversation is long — you’ll understand in real time why not kissing the Blarney Stone and receiving the “gift of gab” was probably for the best. We are a chatty pair.Highlight locations include:GoreyKilkennyCashel KillarneyPortmageeLiscannor and DoolinGalway and Magdalen LaundriesClaregalwayHill of Tara DublinBeyond the trip adventures, this particular conversation reveals much about our approach to relationship. Mutual encouragement, support, joy, and respect made all the difference in our travel experience.At the end, we share some lessons learned and tips for enjoying navigating travel and life.May you enjoy this conversation.