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Dirt Road Divinity chat with Jamie Portwood

Season 3, Ep. 34

Today’s Dirt Road Divinity guest is Jamie Portwood. Jamie weaves healing magic with words. As the programming director for Write Space Houston, she feels that this passion work is a way of engaging concretely in the repair of the world.

She believes that being able to write about things, including her big feelings, saved her life…especially when dealing with abuse and being shunned by the church when she most needed support. 

As a line in her poetry shares, Jamie has forgotten more about the Bible than most people will ever learn…which rings true through our conversation and her thoughtful insights.

After breaking ranks with the fundamentalist approach of her upbringing, Jamie now refers to herself as both a “disciple of the rabbi from Galilee” and also a “practicing witch.” 

When it comes to spirituality, her approach is “if it works for you and you are thriving…then that’s AMAZING.” And to that, I simply say…AMEN.

You can find Jamie and the incredible offerings of WriteSpace online at WriteSpaceHouston.org. 

You can connect with me and the Dirt Road Divinity podcast here: 

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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Dirt Road Divinity chat with Angela Byrne

Season 3, Ep. 37
Yes, she's an accomplished painter, award-winning author, host of a popular Bed & Breakfast in Kilkenny, loving wife and mother of four, and Angela Byrne is an Ireland national treasure. Her love of country, history, and people shine through in this conversation. I had the great good fortune to meet Angela when staying at her lovely Celtic House B&B in Kilkenny, Ireland. Although we were only there one night, something in her energy and words left quite an impression. Pursuing the inspiration of her soul with both courage and surrender, while not letting fear get in her way, Angela invests her time and talent in what she feels called to do. By following the nudges, she's become a champion of sharing local Irish history with people of all ages and from all places.You can find Angela's three award-winning novels (with a 4th on the way!) on her website and on Amazon. If planning a trip to Ireland, I highly recommend visiting Kilkenny and staying at the Celtic House B&B, that she operates with her husband John.These two television segments also share more about Angela and her love for Ireland and history. Check them out. RTE Nationwide segment featuring Angela and John ByrneA Servant in Kilkenny Castle in which she interviews her mother-in-law about her time serving as a seamstress in Kilkenny Castle during the 1920's and 1930's.---If you have show ideas or would like to be a guest on Dirt Road Divinity, email Lisa at lisa@dirtroaddivinity.com.Connect with Lisa online at dirtroaddivinity.com and @dirtroaddivinity on FB and Instagram.