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Directionally Challenged

Humanity Behind the Headlines with Rae Ceretto & Kelly Scott

Kayla is joined by filmmakers and founders of Honeypot Productions, Rae Ceretto and Kelly Scott, to discuss their groundbreaking documentary “Seeking Asylum'' which follows Kensy’s journey as a mother traveling to and eventually through the Mexico-US border. But not without hurdles along the way and even more so after she touches ground in Los Angeles. 

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  • Striking So We Can Stop Striking Pt 1: WGA with Danny Tolli

    Kayla is joined by talented writers and dear friends, Danny Tolli and Melisa D. Monts, to explain the why and how of the WGA (Writers Guild of America) strike.Who are the writers striking against exactly? What has it been like firsthand on the picket lines? Is AI taking over and what are the implications for the future of Hollywood? They go on to discuss how this strike has impacted not just their financial well-being but their emotional and mental health also. The very creatives behind your favorite shows and films are having their livelihoods threatened by greed and are looking for your support. Follow Danny & MelisaDanny’s Instagram:’s Instagram:: the Strike: Us:Instagram: 
  • CLR Your Perspective with Taylor Davis

    Kayla is joined by business owner and advocate, Taylor Davis, about what finally made her decide to pivot careers from entertainment to candle making. As many can relate, Taylor found herself at a loss during the pandemic and she often sought refuge in self-care such as burning her favorite scents. It was at this point a mentor at her favorite candle store pushed her to start her own venture. In just three years, her candle brand CLR can now be found in select Nordstroms across the country. Listen to hear her journey and mindset that made her company such a success in such a short time. Follow CLRCLR’s Instagram: out CLR: Us:Instagram: 
  • The Fragility of Life with Troy Brown

    This week Kayla is joined by Recovery Coach, Troy Brown who shares how his life changed forever after he was hit by a drunk driver. Troy opens up about his long road to recovery, how his family and friends impacted his mental health, and his fears about eventually explaining the accident to his newborn daughter. He also expresses why helping others is beneficial to helping yourself.Follow Troy BrownTroy's Instagram: Coach Website: Us:Instagram: 
  • Listening To Our Bodies with Susan Burton

    Kayla is joined by author and reporter, Susan Burton, to discuss her latest podcast “The Retrievals” from Serial Productions and the New York Times. As an alumna of Yale University, this story hit close to home for Susan as she uncovered the disturbing accounts of hundreds of women going to infertility treatment at the university’s fertility clinic. So how did exactly one nurse with an addiction problem get away with swapping out these womens’ fentanyl with saline? And what were the consequences of not just her actions but the medical staff surrounding her? You’ll have to listen to find out. Follow SusanSusan’s Instagram: out THE RETRIEVALS: Us:Instagram: 
  • A Psychic Reading with Steffi Hill

    Kayla is joined by psychic medium and astrologer, Steffi Hill a.k.a the Spirit Sis, to receive a psychic reading. Not only do they chat about how Steffi came into her abilities but she breaks down how the terms and tools surrounding her work.Things then get personal as they dive into Kayla’s astrocartography map  trip to Thailand, anyone?) and her own core intuition.Follow SteffiSteffi’s Instagram: out Steffi’s podcast PSYCHIC SCOOP Us:Instagram: 
  • REPLAY: “We’re Pregnant!” with Jenna Ushkowitz

    Kayla is joined by her dear friend Jenna Ushkowitz, to swap stories on their pregnancies, how life is different with a baby on the way, and validating both the joys and hurdles of pregnancy. Follow Jenna Jenna’s Instagram: Us:Instagram: Twitter: Website: 
  • REPLAY: Run Like Your Life Depends On It with Anthony Williams

    Original Airdate: January 16, 2023Kayla is joined by inspirational community leader, Anthony ‘Cool Ant’ Williams, who founded the non-profit Neighborhood Hero. Neighborhood Hero’s mission is to make neglected areas healthier spaces for its inhabitants. They discuss how his group of runners came about and the inspirational people around him growing up helped mold the hero he is now today. Follow AnthonyInstagram: out Neighborhood Hero: Us:Instagram: Twitter: Website: 
  • REPLAY: Women Without Kids with Ruby Warrington

    Original Airdate: March 6th 2023Kayla is joined by author Ruby Warrington to discuss the complex decision to not be a mother and explore the social circumstances that pressure female bodies to procreate. She also covers the long history of misogyny that bestows cruel judgment on women who cannot bear children simply due to biology or financial circumstances. A topic close to her heart, she encourages mothers and non-mothers alike to be involved in the conversation. Follow Ruby   Check out “Women Without Kids” the book: Check out “Women Without Kids” the podcast: Us: Instagram:  Twitter:  Website: 
  • REPLAY: “Happy People are Annoying” with Josh Peck

    Original Air Date: 4/25/2022Kayla is joined by iconic actor, father, and now author, Josh Peck to talk about his new book “Happy People are Annoying” where he shares his journey with sobriety, weight-loss, and taking life advice from the ever-so wise Sir Ben Kingsley. Follow Josh  Josh’s Instagram: Check Out Josh’s Book: Us: Instagram:  Twitter:  Website: