cover art for “GOLDEN: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise” with Justin Zorn & Leigh Marz

Directionally Challenged

“GOLDEN: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise” with Justin Zorn & Leigh Marz

Ep. 176

Kayla is joined by Justin Zorn and Leigh Marz to discuss their work as collaboration consultants and leadership coaches. They share their knowledge that comes from countless discussions with scientists, engineers, and politicians on the importance of silence, what it means, and how to bring it back from the noise of life, as well as their new book “GOLDEN: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise”.

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  • Let Them Roar with Deborah Calmeyer

    Kayla is joined by author and founder of ROAR AFRICA, Deborah Calmeyer, to discuss her deep passion for wildlife conservation and education. Having grown up in South Africa, Deborah has always had an intimate relationship with nature and the magical peace it can bring oneself by simply standing in awe of it. Her team of guides and specialists have a mission to welcome people from all over the world to their immersive safari experiences that are respectful to the animals and life within the land. Although she now splits her time between New York City and Cape Town, Deborah is always being called back to stand still in nature. Maybe you can join some time. Follow DeborahRoar Africa’s Instagram: Learn More About Roar Africa and the team: Us:Instagram: 
  • Comfort & Joy with Jesa Joy

    Kayla is joined by designer and entrepreneur Jesa Joy to discuss their exciting (and SO comfy) merch collaboration. Jesa not only is a talented designer but she also comes in with some thoughtful wisdom regarding body neutrality and inclusivity, especially within fandoms. So let’s continue to choose joy and celebrate this community together. Make sure to check the bio on the Directionally Challenged Instagram to find the link to their amazing collab. Follow JesaJesa’s Instagram: Check out Blank clo: Us:Instagram: 
  • Hiding Behind the Smile with Hannah Brown

    Kayla is joined by Hannah Brown, former Bachelorette and now happily engaged author, to talk about her inspiring journey of questioning her options in life, processing her trauma and stress, and how her real romance inspired her debut novel MISTAKES WE NEVER MADE. From winning pageants to dating on television for the whole world to see, Hannah is ready to show her true authentic self in not just this conversation but in her work. Follow HannahHannah’s Instagram: Hannah’s Debut Novel MISTAKES WE NEVER MADE: out Hannah’s Memoir: out BETTER TOMORROW Podcast: Us:Instagram: 
  • Work Work Work Work Work with Dr. Michelle P. King

    Kayla is joined by author and workplace culture & inequality expert, Dr. Michelle P. King, to discuss the value of self-awareness in the modern workplace. In becoming more self-aware of our impact on others, we can have a better understanding of what our co-workers (especially our bosses) want from us and gain the ability to build up our informal networks in order to get ahead in a meaningful way. Rather than squirming at the idea of schmoozing in office politics, Dr. Michelle P. King hopes to empower everyone in making genuine connections with genuine intentions. Follow Dr. KingDr. King’s Instagram: “HOW WORK WORKS” Us:Instagram: 
  • The Leftovers with Tiffani Thiessen

    Kayla is joined by fellow actor and mom, Tiffani Thiessen, to chat about parenting qualms such as when to give your child a cell phone or how to prepare for the teenage years. After reflecting on her own upbringing, Tiffani was inspired to create her cookbook “Here We Go Again” which teaches us how to make the most of leftovers whether to help the planet or even for purely cost saving reasons. Or both! Follow TiffaniTiffani’s Instagram: out “HERE WE GO AGAIN” Cookbook Us:Instagram: 
  • For the Love of True Crime with Jenna Burnett

    Kayla is joined by theater director and podcast producer Jenna Burnett to discuss their shared love of true crime stories. But how do we approach telling these stories involving very real people ethically and as honest to their own truths as possible? These are the waters Jenna has navigated producing her show “Under Cover of Night '' which uncovers the real mystery surrounding the death of a British expat woman living in Athens, Texas during the 80s and 90s.Follow JennaJenna’s Instagram: Media’s Instagram: out “UNDER COVER OF KNIGHT” podcast: Us:Instagram: 
  • The Truth Behind a Mother’s Lies with Carmen Rita Wong

    Kayla is joined by journalist, finance expert, and author Carmen Rita Wong to talk about her extremely personal memoir in which she unpacks the complicated relationship with her parents and own identity. It wasn’t until after her mother’s death that Carmen learned the truth of her biological father and to the extent in which her parents went to feed the lie. She reflects on how her mother’s mistakes impact her own intentional parenting and how to understand parents as the individual humans they are without forcing forgiveness.  Follow CarmenInstagram: out “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?” Us:Instagram: 
  • Falling Upwards with Jeremy Fall

    Kayla is joined by chef and restaurateur Jeremy Fall, who found incredible success in the food industry at an impressively young age. Although many have assumed he came from means to achieve so much so early on, Jeremy had humble beginnings being born and raised by Skid Row in Los Angeles. He shares his personal journey in the business - the ups and downs (and when things were down, they were really down) - and how finally addressing his anxiety with therapy and medication helped him find himself once more. Follow Jeremy Instagram: out his memoir “Falling Upwards: Living the Dream, One Panic Attack at a Time” Us:Instagram: 
  • Tell Me What You Want, Tell Me What You Need with Dr. Lyndsey Harper

    Kayla is joined by Dr. Lyndsey Harper, a professor and board certified Ob/Gyn, to discuss the lack of conversation surrounding women’s sexual health. All too often research and studies overlook women’s sexuality if it is not tied to reproduction or potential risks such as cancer. Dr. Lyndsey Harper hopes to encourage everyone to be more transparent and honest with their concerns regarding sensuality, libido, and desire. So much so that she created the app ROSY as a sexual wellness resource without the shame or intimidation many may feel when discussing such intimate details. Follow Dr. Lyndsey HarperDr. Lyndsey Harper Instagram: Check out the ROSY app Us:Instagram: