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  • Episode 134: Unboxing DWG's 2024 Research Programme

    Discover the box of delights that is this year’s Member Research Programme at DWG! Host Nancy Goebel is joined in the Digital Workplace Impact studio by Elizabeth Marsh, DWG’s Director of Research, to talk about the research planned for 2024. Elizabeth shares the stories behind how this year’s themes have been selected. DWG’s Research Advisory Board, member input and the 2024 digital workplace predictions have all played their part in helping to pinpoint the hottest digital workplace topics of the day.  The programme comprises six research projects, which promise to provide new insights along with some practical tools and ideas.The DWG team aims to search out great best practice on day-to-day topics and to help digital workplace practitioners consider their own response to industry developments. Futuring for digital workplace teams, AI readiness and digital workplace product management are just some of the themes that will come under the spotlight this year.  So, to get the ‘heads up’ on DWG’s research plans, join Nancy and Elizabeth for an early preview. The new research will complement DWG’s existing library of more than 100 reports. (Show notes, links and transcript for this episode.) speakers:  Elizabeth Marsh, Director of Research, DWG 

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  • Episode 133: DWG's 2024 predictions for the digital workplace

    “DWG is uniquely positioned to talk to lots of practitioners and providers in our circles day to day. The predictions really represent an embodiment of the patterns that we see, and are a way for us to help create a line of sight not only for our members, but also for the industry at large.” - Nancy Goebel, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Workplace Group As 2024 gets underway, things are switched up for this latest episode of Digital Workplace Impact. Our usual host, Nancy Goebel, takes the hot seat to be interviewed by DWG’s Director of Knowledge, Shimrit Janes. The session’s focus? DWG’s top 10 predictions for the digital workplace in the year ahead.  And just what could these megatrends be? If content is king, will data be queen? Will digital workplace impact be assessed using AI-powered insights? Is search dead? And, what’s likely to be ahead for digital workplace leaders? Nancy also reflects on how well the predictions for 2023 performed. This lively discussion sets out to spark ambition and debate, and to really help people think about what might come next. And wrapping up this crystal ball of ideas is this year’s super prediction, that in the midst of all the hype surrounding opportunities such as AI, digital workplace practitioners will use the basics as a guide and go back to the future. So, if you’re navigating the fast-changing world of the digital workplace, join Nancy and Shimrit to explore fascinating industry insights and uncover more on the possibilities ahead. (Show notes, links and transcript for this episode.) DWG’s 2024 predictions for the digital workplace For members only: Insider Insights recording and notes: DWG’s 2024 predictions for the digital workplace 
  • Episode 132: Digital Workplace Impact's 2023 highlights reel

    In this year’s first episode of Digital Workplace Impact, host Nancy Goebel takes a look at the top podcasts from the 2023 series and offers you a résumé of those that proved most popular with listeners. As a baker’s half dozen, this collection is a highlights reel of delights. Each podcast presents the opportunity to learn more not only about recent industry insights and developments, but also about key players and change-makers. Topics covered last year were wide and varied: from DWG's own predictions for the industry to living examples of digital transformation; from a people-first approach to AI through to impact stories from DWG’s awards programme, leading research, and more. All had common threads – lively conversation, thought-provoking ideas and insightful questioning – along with helpful advice for digital workplace leaders and practitioners everywhere. So, to get closer to ideas and developments that helped to shape the digital workplace last year, take a listen to Nancy’s ‘baker’s half dozen’ collection of the top Digital Workplace Impact podcasts from 2023. (Show notes, links and transcript for this episode.) Episode 114: DWG’s 2023 predictions for the digital workplace Episode 117: Domino’s delivers a culture and communications rockstar Episode 122: Unlocking the power of generative AI, like ChatGPT, in the workplace Episode 116: Back to the future with enterprise social Episode 119: Prioritizing digital accessibility to create workplaces that thrive Episode 128: A Microsoft MVP’s blueprint for Copilot readiness Episode 126: The importance of building Unilever’s culture in a hybrid world 
  • Episode 131: Digital transformation 'The Amazon Way'

    John Rossman, a thought leader on digital and innovation strategies, and author of the best-selling book The Amazon Way, joins host Nancy Goebel for the latest episode of Digital Workplace Impact. Known for his deep insights into Amazon's unique leadership principles and tactics, John has translated these into actionable steps to help businesses accelerate their own digital transformations. In this fascinating conversation, the pair delve into digital transformation the Amazon way. They explore how Amazon's leadership principles, customer obsession and innovative culture have contributed to the company’s huge success. Looking forwards, Nancy and John also take a look at generative AI as the next big disruptor for digital transformation; at how this could impact the employee experience, the nature of work and the possibilities of creating the best possible AI-infused versions of businesses. Lessons for leaders, revealing principles and the benefits of being an active sceptic all come under review. So, for an insightful conversation with John Rossman, take a listen and dive into the Amazon way of digital transformation today.  Guest speaker: John Rossman, author and Founder of Rossman Partners (Show notes, links and transcript for this episode.) The Amazon WayBig Bet Leadership Leader and innovation keynote speakerRossman Partners
  • Episode 130: Levelling up your digital HQ: Lessons from DWG's 2023 awards judges

    A power-house duo join host and DWG’s CEO Nancy Goebel for the latest Digital Workplace Impact podcast. This episode offers an absorbing discussion about the winners, big trends and key insights from DWG’s 2023 Digital Workplace of the Year Awards.  The guests are Elizabeth Marsh, DWG Director of Research, who manages DWG’s awards programme, and Susan Quain, Digital Employee Experience Director at Fidelity International and three-year veteran of the awards’ judging panel. During their conversation, a wide range of themes are explored, including: what made the class of 2023 award winners stand out; what some of the winners are doing right now to exploit the use of generative AI; and how the winners demonstrated innovative and creative approaches in their digital workplace programmes. They offer advice for digital workplace teams and even put out a call to action for levelling up in the industry in a cost-sensitive environment. Plus, there are some top tips for those with ambitions around applying for the 2024 awards. So, for a great conversation which will help keep your finger firmly on the pulse of current digital workplace practices, listen today. Show notes, links and transcript for this episode:Digital Workplace Group announces 2023 Digital Workplace of the Year winners How to demonstrate digital workplace impact  Guest speakers:  Elizabeth Marsh, DWG Director of Research and Programme Manager for the awards  Susan Quain, Digital Employee Experience Director at Fidelity International  
  • Episode 129: How emotional journeys are shaping digital experiences at Fidelity International

    Have you ever considered the emotional journeys your employees take as they navigate the digital workplace, and the impact that these might have? In this podcast, host Nancy Goebel is joined by Lucy Selby, Senior Technical Consultant at Fidelity International. As a rising leader and a niche expert in the digital employee experience arena, Lucy explains more about emotional journeys and where they fit into the employee experience within a digital workplace context.  Is it possible to map, track and measure the success of emotional journeys? And can understanding this data really turbocharge rates of change? The pair discuss how translating emotional journeys can help optimize digital workplace experiences, and how, by doing so, this approach can benefit employees and organizations at large.  In a world that would otherwise be driven by opinion, listen now for fresh insight on the emerging area of emotional journeys, data and metrics.   (Show notes, links and transcript for this episode.) Lucy Selby, Senior Technical Consultant at Fidelity International 
  • Episode 128: A Microsoft MVP's blueprint for Copilot readiness

    As a Microsoft MVP, Darrell Webster offers knowledge and experience in a way that bridges IT ‘know how’ with a clear understanding of user adoption and needs. In his words, the subject matter becomes his method to connect with people and to learn together with them. In this episode, Digital Workplace Impact host Nancy Goebel chats with the New Zealand-based modern work mentor and podcaster. They share insights and reflections on generative AI and specifically on Microsoft Copilot. Darrell talks through the necessity of understanding this new technology, what it could reveal and the value it could uncover, but also the need to prepare well and create community around its introduction. He takes listeners through his own mini-blueprint for readiness as Copilot advances into the workplace– including the idea of piloting Copilot itself.  Generative AI has the potential to spark a whole new level of natural curiosity and stronger collaboration, but might it also surface information that perhaps we shouldn't always see? Darrell shares helpful watchouts to consider, along with encouragement to explore what’s ahead. If you have more questions than answers about generative AI, then listen today and find out more about preparing for Copilot in the digital workplace. (Show notes, links and transcript for this episode.) Guest speakers:  Darrell Webster,Microsoft MVP and modern work mentor