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Mental Health vs. Technology

Season 1, Ep. 9

In this episode our host Charlotte is joined by guests Kate and Francesca to discuss Mental Health and Technology. Referencing the work of Sherry Turkle the discussion explores the implications of digital living on our physical beings.

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  • 10. Shrinking Cinema

    Hosted by John Irvine, this episode was created to express an understanding of the provided text for research: Cinema, The Body and Embodiment, specifically a chapter written by Gavin Wilson called A Phenomenology of Reciprocal Sensation in the Moving Body Experience of Mobile Phone Films. This text offered theories on how mobile technology could expand the industry of cinematic viewing experience, and yet reduce the cinema industry itself as more and more services provide cinematic releases for individual mobile. 
  • 8. A Timeline of Interpretation

    In this episode our host, Caterina Faulquier, is joined by guests Daniel Kernan and Ashish Avale to discuss the changing interpretation of moving image productions over time. The discourse explores how the notable fictional characters such as James Bond, Robin Hood, and Odysseus are reflections on social norms and political correctness of the time they were created.
  • 7. I object to the object

    In this episode our host Christopher raises the discussion on the value of mistakes in the creative process. Joined by lighting designers, Mavis and Serene, the episode makes reference to authors and academics such as Benitez and Richardson who highlight the significance of process over outcome in the creative process.
  • 6. Sexualising Technology

    In this episode Kate will be joined by guests Kelsey and Francesca to discuss technology in the sex industry. The intimacy gap caused be the pandemic and social distancing has resulted in many negatives for our present but how might it be a positive for our relationship with technology.
  • 5. The Realness of Real

    In this episode our host, Francesca Dare, is joined by guests Kelsey Smart and Kate Litcharska for a conversation on virtual reality, emerging technology and the future of our relationship with a technological enhanced reality.
  • 4. Culture vs Tourism in Egypt

    In this episode our host, Carolyn Sutton, is joined by guests Jess Beasdale and Mariana Ortega Alvarez to explore the topic of Culture and Tourism. Looking at the globalised cultural tourism of ancient Egypt the episode establishes good and bad approaches in Heritage and Exhibition Design in order to posit strategies that could enhance the contemporary portrayal of cultural heritage and history.
  • 3. A Tale on Purpose

    In this episode our host, Serene Nemer, is joined by guests, Mavis Lee and Christopher Havlicheck for a conversation on art and purpose. The conversation explores various perspectives on art from Kant, to Tolstoy and more. As Tolstoy states, Art has a societal responsibility but is this still true when art can be subjective and personal. And so, what is the purpose of art?
  • 2. Is the Democratisation of Cinema Fueling A New Art Movement?

    In this episode our host, Oisin Kelly, is joined my guests, Kaj Raffel and Silvia Ferradal, for a conversation on the prevailing relevance of work by Brecht, Cage, and others. Looking in focus at new media platforms such as Tik Tok and Snapchat as vehicles for everyday users in a new art movement. Music on this episode titled "Want you bad love" was created by House of Say and is available through Epidemic Sound.