Design and Art Lab

The DAL Podcast series is a weekly programme produced by postgraduate design students at Edinburgh Napier University. In this series we discuss various complex Art and Design topics. Communicating important theories, philosophies, principles and approaches of Art and Design in a simple to digest ways.

Each episode has been recorded in our Master's Design studio at our Merchiston Campus in Edinburgh. Students from our MA and MFA programmes (Design for Interactive Art & Experiences, Heritage & Exhibition Design, Lighting Design, Motion Graphics, and Product Design Making) have designed and produced each episode based on prescribed academic texts that explore a wide range of topics from: Western perspectives on Museum Design, Transculturalism, The Theory of Affordance, New Media Filming methodologies, Materiality, and more.

Kaj Raffel

John Irvine

A Multimedia Artist, originally from the Shetland Isles, competent in multiple aspects of multimedia design. They include video production and editing, illustration, 2D/3D animation, concept art, photography and audio acquisition. Currently studying MA Design in Motion Graphics at Edinburgh Napier University, with prospects towards any multimedia opportunities.

Silvia Ferradal

Oisin Kelly

Khadija Irfan

Ashish Avale

Kelsey Smart

Catherine Faulqiuer

Charlotte Palmer

Katarzyna Litchaska

Gagandeep Kuar

Mariana Ortega Alvarez

Jessica Beasdale

Carolyn Sutton

Serene Nemer

Christopher Havlichek

Richard Thompson

Isadora Petrauskas

Kirstie Jamieson

Andrew O Dowd