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3 Lattes deep with a blanket on my head

On this very silly episode Des has been over influenced by watching Top Boy and now thinks he is a London based Hip Hop artist. He also chats about things we think are good for the environment but don't really help that much. Finally he chats about a potential new podcast with a fellow comic.

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  • Very late Wedding Recap with Stephen Mullan

    Stevo joins Des to recap Des and Hannah's wedding back in May.
  • Sinn Fein in the Membrane

    Des chats about Sinn Fein's election results in the North but first he chat about the news that the Supreme Court in the US plans to overturn Roe V Wade.
  • Come on Katie

    On this ep Des expresses his deep love for Katie Taylor and her success. He also talks about the evolution in women's sport and Katie's importance in that growth. He then chats a bit about the increasing mental health problems facing adolescents after watching a video on the Irish Times app about the science behind an in crease in suicide and self-harm in adolescents.
  • Depposition

    Yes you did read that correctly, I will be talking about the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial. I asked for topics on my instagram and this came back unanimously.
  • Narcos Dublin

    A lot going on in this episode. Des chat about some of the awful stories of violence from this week. He then chats about the US getting involved in trying to take down the Kinihans. He finishes up with chatting about Easter from the point of view of a lapsed Catholic.
  • Slappy slap

    I know you are probably sick of it but I give my opinion on things post oscars and also have a review of all the different opinions that have come out since.
  • Free Speech 2022

    On this ep Des chats about the anxiety of good weather in Ireland, sort of getting robbed on 20 euros in Rialto and finally Des dives into a NY Times article about free speech. cancel culture and censorship.
  • Meme war

    On this ep Des chats about how the war in Ukraine is being watched through internet culture and gives his thoughts on Naomi Osaka's latest dramas.