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Tweakments (part 2)

In this episode we discuss even more tweakments, mostly the ones we ran out of time to cover in the first episode!! We talk about platelet rich plasma (PRP aka the vampire facial), Intense Pulse Light treatment (IPL) resurfacing (resurFX) which stimulates deep collagen regeneration, Exilis - a treatment that induces collagen, ultherapy - non invasive skin tightening and belkyra - destroying fat cells on the chin.

These are all treatments that will complement botox and fillers but are also ideal options for listeners who would prefer a minimally invasive treatment. Lots of these treatments also work for people with rosacea, broken veins, abnormal skin, pigment issues and scarring. 

Niki and Catriona share the truth behind the Kim Kardashian vampire facial, and the treatments that will help get that glowy look, deal with red veins, abnormal skin tone,fine lines,double chin, saggy eyelids, loose skin on their neck and of course help keep that collagen plumped! . They also tell listeners how long it can take for these treatments to show results, how long they will last and share just how far they will each go on their cosmetic dermatology journey...

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  • Hormones and your skin

    In this weeks’ episode Niki and Catriona talk about hormones and how they can impact your skin; they discuss periods, pregnancy, puberty, menopause, perimenopause and everything in between – They also talk about male and female pattern hair loss, alopecia, describing the signs, causes and treatment and the impact these issues can have on someone who suffers. 
  • Skin Cancer

    In this weeks’ episode Niki and Catriona talk about skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Ireland with over 13,000 new cases diagnosed every year and the national cancer registry expects this number to double by 2040.  The dermatologists explain why skin cancer is so prevalent in Ireland, the main causes, who is more likely to get it and why. They also explain the difference between melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers and highlight what you need to watch out for when it comes to staying vigilant about moles and other skin anomalies. They discuss the treatments and outcomes for people with skin cancer and the preventative action we all need to be taking to minimise our risk.
  • Common skin conditions

    In this episode Niki and Catriona discuss common skin conditions; eczema, psoriasis and rosacea and they also touch on baby skin care and routines. They cover the presentation, causes, triggers and treatments of these very common and often challenging skin conditions. They explain the other long term and surprising side effects for people living with any of these inflammatory skin conditions. They also explain contact dermatitis and hives and even share the detective work behind finding out the cause behind random allergies!They also talk about baby pimples, cradle cap, nappy rash and eczema and give their views on how often you should bathe your little ones.  
  • Cosmetic surgery and non surgical procedures

    In this week's episode Catriona and Nikki talk about cosmetic surgery and the non surgical and less invasive options, they are joined by Dr Siún Murphy, Plastic Surgeon with Blackrock Clinic.They cover mummy makeovers, the tummy tuck, breast reshaping, face, neck and eye lifts and nose jobs. They also chatted about non-invasive fat freezing and fat melting procedures that deal with love handles and other problem areas and the non surgical neck and face lift options.Siún, Catriona and Nikki share their own personal experiences with some of these treatments, explaining exactly how they feel.They talk about how much cosmetic surgery has advanced and improved, and highlight how having more non- invasive options in facial aesthetics does mean less people are choosing surgery. They also each share their views on the recent comments from Linda Evangelista about her experience with cosmetic procedures.  
  • All about the Men

    In this episode Catriona and Niki discuss Men and their dermatology needs. They chat about the issues men frequently have with their skin and their looks. They also discuss why men often get left out of the conversation about skin and have a harder time admitting they want to look their best! They share the main reasons our male counterparts often come to them looking for assistance with their skin and appearance. The upsetting nature of hair loss and the subtlety of botox for men also feature, as do the treatments that deal with acne, scarring, rosacea and that double chin!. The dermatologists highlight the important issue of skin cancer amongst men and how to treat and prevent it.  
  • Acne

    In this episode Catriona and Nikki discuss acne. They explain how common it is, the fact that it's a medical condition and share their personal experiences with it.They talk about the wrong treatments and the right one and they discuss the triggers and causes and age profile of people who suffer. They share their insights into the psychological impact acne can have on people and also the risk of and treatments for acne scarring.
  • Tweakments (part 1 - injectables)

    In this episode Catriona and Nikki discuss 'tweakments', the treatments that enhance the way you age and your cosmetic appearance. They chat all about botox and fillers - covering everything from cost, how long they last, which areas you can get done, to what age people start and why it's never too late! They address the possible concerns of a botox virgin; the fear of a frozen face or no longer looking like yourself. They share their views on Courtney, Jennifer and Nicoles 'work' and how they feel about beauty influencers not being truthful about getting theirs.  They also chat about the ‘zoom boom’ and just how badly we have all felt looking at ourselves on screen for the last 18 months and yes, they included themselves in that.  They explain why fillers shouldn't be feared when done properly, the obsession with that large lip filler look and the risks and horror stories if you go to the wrong person to inject it! They also run through the best skincare regime that won't break the bank, share their 'hero products' and remind us yet again to always wear sunscreen!