Dermatology S.O.S


Cosmetic surgery and non surgical procedures

In this week's episode Catriona and Nikki talk about cosmetic surgery and the non surgical and less invasive options, they are joined by Dr Siún Murphy, Plastic Surgeon with Blackrock Clinic.

They cover mummy makeovers, the tummy tuck, breast reshaping, face, neck and eye lifts and nose jobs. They also chatted about non-invasive fat freezing and fat melting procedures that deal with love handles and other problem areas and the non surgical neck and face lift options.

Siún, Catriona and Nikki share their own personal experiences with some of these treatments, explaining exactly how they feel.

They talk about how much cosmetic surgery has advanced and improved, and highlight how having more non- invasive options in facial aesthetics does mean less people are choosing surgery. They also each share their views on the recent comments from Linda Evangelista about her experience with cosmetic procedures.  

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