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  • Speak it Into Existence

    I had an incredible experience and an engaging conversation with Carol Moore, the CEO of Carol Moore Presents. We explored her journey from identifying a critical need for speech coaching in the federal and corporate sectors to building a successful business around it. It’s always fascinating to see how a business idea not only gets discovered but also executed and perfected. Carol shared her adventures and insights, and I can’t wait for you to hear all about it!

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  • Don't Just Spark, Sparkle!

    🎉 Get ready for an electrifying episode of Live & Learn! 📸 Join me in welcoming the phenomenal Megan Pitts, the wizard behind the lens, as we dive into her mesmerizing journey from aspiring photographer to the pinnacle of celebration! 🚀 Prepare to be blown away as Megan unveils her secrets to not just capturing moments, but crafting everlasting memories that resonate with hearts and souls. 💖 Together, we unravel the magic behind sustaining passion and zest in an ever-evolving industry, igniting sparks that fuel the fire of creativity! 🔥 Don't miss out on this epic rendezvous! Click now for an incredible conversation that's bound to leave you inspired! 🌟
  • Picture This

    I have the pleasure of engaging in a profound conversation with the esteemed Tiffany, hailing proudly from Baltimore, as she graciously shares her extraordinary odyssey in the realm of photography. Through our dialogue, we delve into the myriad obstacles she courageously surmounted, illuminating the arduous yet rewarding path she traversed to attain the esteemed status of a remarkable photographer. Among her triumphs, Tiffany's notable achievement of publishing an article in the illustrious Baltimore Sun stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication and unparalleled talent.
  • When Enough Becomes Too Much

    After being six months removed from my previous employer I am now ready to share one of the most adverse, but propelling experiences of my life. Going through a lot can provide us a lot and I am now a better person because of it. I lived and I learned.
  • Life's A Trip

    Founder and CEO of SWOLE (Soar W/O Limits Enterprises) Monique Pearson and I discuss the significant need for change agents in the world of PTSD and all that is encompassed. Monique is a travel agent who use the wonder world of traveling and escaping as a tool to help people overcome the challenges they face affecting their mental and emotional wellbeing. This includes an annual retreat focusing on those who have experience PTSD and is looking for an opportunity to come to grips with their trauma and fears.
  • What’s Missing (Struggle to Discover the Element of Self)

    In this episode I speak with Jungian Analyst Sarah Schwartz PhD about her upcoming book "Imposter Syndrome and The As If Personality in Analytica Psychology: The Fragility of Self. We go in-depth about the As If personality that exists amongst many people.
  • We're In This Together

    Love can come in many different forms. The conversation I had with Juan Lee, Founder and CEO of Clear Path Inc, was one that I will always appreciate. We talk about the importance of embracing one another instead of racing one another. Juan's organization was built off the value of love, health, and wellness. Juan and I dive deep into these things, talk about his wonderful organization, and much more.