cover art for Jeju Island part 3

Dear Percival

Jeju Island part 3

Season 1, Ep. 18

Danny is still in South Korea. Hot on the trail of his parents. He has a little trouble from his crowd funders, especially Suzette in Paris and Barry in Blackpool.

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  • 24. Luxor part 3

    Danny is still in Luxor. Of his parents, there is no sign. As he is in The Winter Palace Hotel, Danny decides to try and be a writer. How hard can it be?
  • 23. Luxor part 2

    Danny's strange adventures continue as he manages to check into The Winter Palace hotel in Luxor with the help of his crowd funders. He recognises his parents on a security video. He's hot on their trail!
  • 22. Luxor part 1

    Danny receives a mysterious and strange phone call about his missing parents. Who is the caller and why are they speaking with a French or German or Northern English accent? Why indeed.
  • 21. El Gouna part 3

    Danny is traumatised by the sheer size of some massive Egyptian vegetables! He also hears of a mysterious limbo dancing English teacher who was down by the docks. It must be his mother!
  • 20. El Gouna part 2

    Danny finds himself in a swingers hotel. What are the couple up to in the hotel room with the noodles, the kettle and the spices! The mind boggles.
  • 19. El Gouna part 1

    Danny is in El Gouna, Egypt. Still hot on his parents trail. He has a little trouble with some scandalous faxes sent to his hotel by Suzette, one of his crowd funders, who are all proving to be a challenge.
  • 17. Jeju Island part 2

    Danny has an armrest battle with a warring couple on a plane. Problems with lots of kimchi gas result in much muttering.
  • 16. Jeju Island part 1

    Danny has made it to Jeju Island in Korea! He seems to be trying to eat his bodyweight in kimchi. Nobody strike a match! He's missed his parents again. Will he ever catch them up.