cover art for Tortus' Dom Pimenta: "AI is the answer to NHS doctor burnout"

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Tortus' Dom Pimenta: "AI is the answer to NHS doctor burnout"

Season 7, Ep. 19

AI will save the NHS - but not the wya you think. The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Dom Pimenta, a cardiologist and co-founder of Tortus, to talk about the potential of its artificial intelligence interface (AI) for doctors (5:00), preventing burnout (11:00), naming the tool OSLER (18:30), how it works (20:45), why he became a doctor (26:00), founding a charity during Covid (29:15), quitting the NHS (32:45), getting Khosla Ventures to invest (35:35), trying to get the product into market (40:00), and AI's potential in medicine (45:00).

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  • 23. Limbic’s Ross Harper: “AI won’t replace doctors, it will enhance them”

    The world is aflutter with talk of "AI doctors". A UK company has actually built one. The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Dr Ross Harper, co founder and chief executive of Limbic to talk about creating a clinical AI chatbot (4:30), how it works (6:40), starting out four years ago 13:40), getting in with 40% of mental health care providers in Britain (17:40), being certified as a medical device (22:40), targeting America (24:40), studying computational neuroscience (27:00), starting the company (33:40), the future of AI in medicine (38:00), and the comparison to self-driving vehicles (41:15). 
  • 22. Galvanize's Tom Steyer: "We're winning the climate fight"

    The climate fight is going far better than you realise. So says this week’s guest, Tom Steyer, former presidential candidate and founder of Galvanize Climate Solutions. He comes on to talk with Sunday Times correspondent Danny Fortson about why doomerism doesn’t work (4:30), beating Big Oil (8:45), when theory meets reality (15:10), whether the climate argument has been won (21:30), his life before dedicating his career to climate (30:20), dabbling in politics (36:30), running a climate investment firm (41:00), running for president (44:00), and the possibility that the oil industry will transform (51:10).
  • 21. X Prize's Peter Diamandis: "Talking to your dog and extending life"

    Do you want to talk to your whales? Monkeys? Your dog? AI will make it possible. The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Peter Diamandis to talk about why he set up an $111m longevity prize (2:30), using AI to prevent death from “something stupid” (8:30), growing up in the Bronx (11:50), falling in love with space exploration (14:00), launching the X Prize (19:50), doing 30 of them in 30 years (26:30), his approach to AI innovation (29:15), speaking to animals (30:00), the power of a prize (33:00), why its hard to get the mega-rich to fund ideas (39:30), optimism (44:50), climate change (47:00), the future of longevity (51:00), and bitcoin (57:00). 
  • 20. Renaissance's Tom Kalil: "Transforming philanthropy"

    There are about 1,200 billionaires in Europe and America. Why don't they do more good with their money? This week's guest reckons he can get them to do just that. The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Tom Kalil, founder of Renaissance Philanthropy, to talk about why he created the organisation (4:15), nationalism (8:00), the problem with the current philanthropy model (11:15), leveraging tech and science (16:40), his background in Washington DC and the White House (22:20), working for Eric Schmidt (31:20), taking big swings (33:45), and the changing nature of giving (38:00),
  • 18. Gigascale's Mike Schroepfer: "From building Meta to investing in climate"

    The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on MIke Schroepfer, Meta’s former CTO, to talk about why he left Meta (3:00), growing up working his parents’ radio station (9:00), going to Stanford (12:00), getting into tech startups (14:15), the dotcom boom (17:15), going to Mozilla (21:15), joining Facebook when MySpace was bigger (23:00), Mark Zuckerberg (26:30), lessons from scaling to a giant company (31:40), the climate opportunity (35:10), focussing on hardware (39:40), using his money (43:30), the talent influx (44:40), the AI moment (47:30), and his climate tech predictions (51:05)
  • 17. Openwater’s Mary Lou Jepsen: “We'll save your mind - then read it”

    Imagine if you shrunk all of the machines in a hospital and crammed them into a single device the size of an iPhone that could diagnose and treat hundreds of diseases. That is what this week’s guest is trying to do. The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Mary Lou Jepsen to talk about building a mobile device to diagnose stroke at her startup Openwater (4:30), killing cancer cells with infrared light (8:45), how it takes 13 years to create a new medical device (14:45), why MRI’s are so expensive (18:00), her history in consumer electronics (21:10), convincing investors that open-source is the best approach (25:30), when she nearly died (28:20), using the tools of our time (30:30), the device (38:50), the handheld hospital (41:20), a medical app store (51:00), telepathy (52:00), her friendship with Peter Gabriel (57:30), and building a new medical business model (1:00:30).
  • 16. Enhanced Games’ Aron D’Souza: “The Olympics are broken”

    Would you watch an Olympics where everyone was doping? The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Aron D’Souza, co-founder and president of the Enhanced Games, to talk about launching a new competition where everyone is pharmacologically enhanced (6:00), the events (10:00), why he started it (14:50), meeting Peter Thiel (18:20), leading the Gawker case (19:30), the response from the Olympics (23:00), how it could go wrong (26:00), making sure noone dies (28:10), adding robotics and cybernetics (32:20), the funders (35:00), lining up media rights (39:00), the most recent doping scandal (41:00), and the coming legal fight (41:45).
  • 15. Rainmaker's Augustus Doricko: "Cloud seeding is a risk worth taking"

    The Sunday Times’s tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Augustus Doricko to talk about becoming a Thiel fellow (3:15), looking for the proof of God (5:45), starting his first company (9:30) cloud seeding (11:30), the history of cloud seeding (13:30), on whether silver iodide is safe (17:00), how it would work in practice (20:30), how it could go wrong (27:30), geo-engineering (30:45), why now (23:15), the Dubai example (35:00), and finding God (38:45).