D&D is For Nerds


An Ocean Without Water

Season 15, Ep. 1

In horror Tiefany and Ser Hecktor the Beautiful watched. Unable to stop the strange otherworldly and inky black entity as it consumed Hecktor’s once childhood idol and Tiefany’s father, Ser Jordan Grace. Whatever foul rot lay within Fairburn Point seeped to its core and their only option was to flee. In the Capital a plan was hatched: Tiefany would go one way to gather the wealth of friends and family, and Hecktor would go another to find an army.

You can follow Tieffany's story in Once Upon a Time in Zombie Plagued Chult or witness Ser Grace's downfall in Search for A'Helm.

In this episode, Hecktor re-invents himself, gets saved by a chicken farmer and learns what a Direst Wolf is.

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