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  • 57. North Korea Research Corn

    Packed with reporters today! The Dakota Scout's Austin Goss and SDPB's Lee Strubinger join the show. A full slate of topics today - North Korea research corn, drag shows, pipelines, and appointments. General GOP discussion from the 2022 convention to Pat Powers and the State GOP. Don't miss Lee's upcoming podcast called Short Walk, a 9-part series covering the rise and fall of Jason Ravnsborg.

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  • 56. Prairie Law Podcast

    We're joined by House Majority Leader Will Mortenson who had quite a busy week with pipelines, floor debates, and other House business. Hot Girl Pink Hunter Summer, and a very special new candidate roundup. We morn the dropout of your buddy Toby.
  • 55. Uncloggin the Pipe(lines) 2024

    Moving pipelines through the pipe with Kyle Peters and D19 Rep Drew Peterson. Snippy Email Awards. You can still marry off your 16-year-old. Joint sessions that are totally about the border and not about running for VP. Border Crisis accents. The New Newspaper. More from your buddy Toby. Editorial: SD Open Primaries
  • 54. There's a New Mayor in Munchkinland

    Show favorites Senator Rohl from District 1 and Rep Venhuizen (along with Henry) from District 13 are back for Week 3 of Session. Ramkota bar Karaoke reviews, 5001 Recaps, HOAs, Teacher Pay, and Evictions. Where does the primaries vs convention debate go from here? Rohl-Call. New Candidate Roundup: Mayor of Munchkinland! (And Senator Rohl) @DakotaTownHall
  • 53. Bowtie Fashion Advice

    Session Week 2! D14 Rep Tyler Tordsen is back as the topic of the week was HJR 5001. Plus sunsetting the tax sunset, and Guns > HOA's. Wanted: Democrat Blog. We end with this week's New Candidate Roundup! Lastly, more from your buddy Toby, unfortunately. Send us your news/tips @DakotaTownHall, @JakeShoenbeck, @Murdocj
  • 52. Freedom Works 3 - The Freedoming

    The session starts with all the Freedom. We have great interview with Stu Whitney from South Dakota News Watch about recent open primary polling and our coverage of the opening week of The Session. New exploratory characters in the US House race and new candidate roundup!
  • 51. Have You Studied Klingon?

    We start 2024 just like how we started 2023 - with a great interview from Casey Crabtree and a banger Lee Shoenbeck quote. Get a Senate GOP budget preview and some early insight on bills and topics near and dear to the Senate leadership. Then we're joined by The Dakota Scout's Auston Goss for some HOT GOSS along with new candidate roundup. @CrabtreeCasey @AustinGossSD @JakeShoenbeck @DakotaTownHall