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  • 66. Larry Pressler. Thirst Trap

    Welcome back to District 9 spotlight, with D9 House candidate Kristi Golden. Larry "Hot Pants" Pressler. A surprise visit from our historian and D13 candidate Tony Venhuizen! Tribal relations, throwing candy, your buddy Toby... And a solid congrats to Sen Rohl! @DakotaTownHall @JakeShoenbeck @Murdocj @Tony_Venhuizen @GoldenKristi

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  • 65. Seven Point Seven Percent?

    It's South Dakota Campaign Season! Our first DTH District Spotlight interview with D30 Senate Candidate Amber Hulse. The Friendliest Thunderdome in Western SD! Alex Jensen also comes on the show to discuss the upcoming runoff in Sioux Falls, plus shame your turnout numbers a little. FW3 - The Franchise continues!
  • 64. Foreign Policy in 3 minutes

    What was supposed to be an interview about his primary race, Dusty joins the show with an in depth conversation about bipartisan bills, infrastructure, ocean shipping and supply chain, China, TikTok - and some local races. Then updates on local races and state-wide issues in South Dakota this week.
  • 63. New Candidate Rodeo 2024

    The deadline has passed and we finally get a (nearly complete) look at this year's primary races. We run through the districts and mention some races of note so far. (Lookin at you D30) BONUS CONTENT: Murdoc joined The Dakota Scout's Scouting Report. @JakeShoenbeck, @DakotaTownHall, @DakotaScoutJoe, @DakotaScoutJon
  • 62. Let Duba Cook

    We've been waiting a long time to get Rep Linda Duba on - and she did not disappoint. Her take on this year's session, the future of the democrats, and advice for new candidates. @SDDuba, @JakeShoenbeck, @DakotaTownHall
  • 61. The 2024 Billies!

    Newer than a set of Texas Teeth! The inaugural edition of the Billy Awards! Joined by the Ungovernable Pat Powers, D13 Rep / 3rd Host Tony Venhuizen, along with Jake and Murdoc for the bills that were most impactful and bills that missed the mark. @Tony_Venhuizen @SoDakCampaigns @JakeShoenbeck @Murdocj @DakotaTownHall
  • 60. Time Zone Hopscotch

    Jake is in the middle this time, Austin's back at home, and Murdoc's in DC. D14 Rep Taylor Rehfeldt is back on the show for some updated chats about long-term care and education. The Landowner Bill of Rights has a snappy name. Creative state revenue ideas. Ben Hanson from the American Cancer Society comes on to discuss Amendment F and workforce requirements.