Dad Pants

The time comes when you have to take off your kiddy pants and put on a big pair of Dad Pants.

This is a show for dads to celebrate dad things, and to try and be the most daddy dads we can.

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Hosted by:

Stuart Buckland

The Pants Panel:

Matt Barry

Rich Ellis

Ben Wiggins

Produced and edited by Stuart Buckland.

This is an Angry Chimp podcast.

Artwork by Just Dandy

Stuart Buckland

Stuart has been in numerous film, theatre and podcast projects that were so amazing and intellectual that people were too scared of them to give them awards, industry recognition or any attention whatsoever. Stuart is currently a podcast producer who rarely sleeps.

Monty Leadon

Monty retired from public life after what was the highlight of his career (before being on a podcast, that is): foiling the first assassination attempt of Indira Ghandi. Monty now lives a simply life collecting and repairing kazoos

The Pants Panel

Matt, Rich and Ben are the Pants Panel, the gurus of dadness we turn to when we need some good, old-fashioned Dad thinking.