Chronicles of the Stormborne company

A group of unlikely strangers from reddit /lfg become instant superfriends and play various tabletop RPGs!

Their current campaign is 5e D&D, called Defenders of the Storm, a fantasy adventure set in the original world of Oros.

Deshausee the Yuan-ti Rogue played by Dillon

Flynn Bastion the Dwarf Paladin played by Evan

Xanaar Shallermanx the Dragonborn Monk played by Crenshaw

Alameris Harathiel the Half-elf Bard play by Lolo

Yin the Half-orc Cleric played by Kay

Dungeon Master played by Mike

Creator of Oros: Dungeon Master Mike

Link to map of Oros:

Link to our instagram, where we post art and our crazy shenanigans: