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Metroid Prime (Remastered)

Season 6, Ep. 21

We're back from our summer break and happy to enter into a retro game month with the Metroid Prime Remaster! The group gets woefully lost and struggles with some pathfinding, but it's still a good time because Marlee conquers her fears of lake monsters, Lindsey finds manticore bones on the beach, and Steph is clomping right along!

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  • 2. SIFU

    Episode 2 and we're trying something new!Every Month PlayStation gives out some free games and we're going to choose one, play it, and then talk about it!This month we decided to do the Sloclap Kung Fu game SIFU. We have thoughts and feelings and want to share those feelings and thoughts with you lovely people. We had fun with this episode and think you will thoroughly enjoy it and want to then go play it and talk to us about it on discord! Sound like a plan? Yes? Yes!
  • 1. Season SEVEN Premiere!! Spiderman 2

    Guess who's back??!Hey ya'll we missed you so much but we are so excited to be back for another spectacular season of shit talking games, praising the ones we love, going on numerous long, but very important tangents, reminiscing about baked goods and sweets, all together just having a good time! Season 7, can you believe it? We sure as hell can't but we're sure as hell excited!!In this episode we will talk the long awaited Spiderman 2 for PlayStation. I'll just give you a little taste so you'll be ready to dive on into this tasty episode: flight suit, sandman, crashing, Mary Jane being bad ass, Harry Potter fanfic, New York City, Rio Morales (Miles smoking hot, single and ready to mingle mama!), and suits suits suits!! Intrigued yet? Well you should join the conversation!
  • 29. Spoopy Series 2023: Dead Space Remake

    Lindsey, Steph, and Marlee find themselves aboard the USG Ishimura, and boy are we glad we brought our stomping boots and plasma cutters! It's the Dead Space Remake episode! Don't judge us too harshly on this episode- we lost a lot of sleep after battling necromorphs and the influence of The Marker the past few nights.Join our Discord
  • 28. Spoopy Series 2023: The Devil in Me

    Lindsey, Stephanie and Marlee find themselves separated in a murder hotel built after the likes of H.H. Holmes with only a piece of filming equipment and maze solving know how (or not so much in Lindsey's case) to survive the night! In this episode, we discuss the latest installment in The Dark Pictures Anthology, and rate it compared to the others in the series.
  • 27. Side Mission: FanX 2023 Recap

    Ring a ding a ling a ding! We're back and have survived the wave of panels at SLC FanX 2023! We discuss our panels and overall FanX experiences, meeting new friends (which I like to include Charlie Cox in... because he's more than just a celeb.) Steph has all the hot celebrity goss, Marlee presents her thesis, and Lindsey remembers the time we accidentally sawed Rami Malek in half (in Until Dawn guys, calm down).
  • 26. Behind the Scenes: Diablo IV

    There's lots of tea to sip and spill on this Behind the Scenes episode, without even fully dipping into the issues Blizzard has been having, from development issues to the actual mythos surrounding Lillith. We discuss all about the very unappreciated patch of the game, religion, and so on.One thing we know for sure though- you should join our
  • 25. Diablo IV

    Lindsey, Steph and Mar take a trip to Sanctuary (a place not as friendly as it sounds) and clobber the legions of undead, slaughter the evil, and maybe even take a swing or two at Diablo IV itself! Come join us in our discord and let us know what you think! Go
  • 24. Behind the Scenes: Metroid Prime

    We're finally behind the scenes of Metroid Prime: Remastered, and we dive into the tea of the making of the original game as well as the differences between the original and remastered versions. The group examines the phenomenon of Stanley cups and Utah moms. Steph finds a naked wheres Waldo, Lindsey loves trash baebes, and Marlee is throwing a guitar hero party!
  • 23. Guest Interview with Brian Alexander

    Linds, Steph and Mar continue their discussion from last week with close friend of the podcast Brian Alexander, who you might remember from Season 2 of our show! We talk all things retro games and a little bit of gaming philosophy!