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Cutscenes & Cupcakes

Behind the Scenes: Mass Effect 1

Season 6, Ep. 10

Step aboard the SSV Normandy as we travel behind the scenes of Mass Effect 1! Lindsey, Marlee, and Steph take a deeper dive into the making of the hit video game, as well as a better look at some the characters and unique dialogue options. We also discuss the impact and influence that Mass Effect 1 has on later games. Other conversation topics include: Squashmallows, the subtle difference between gazelles and caribou, and squeaky trashcan/reaper noises: Bwwaaaaarrrrt! Oh yeah, and join our discord!

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  • 27. Side Mission: FanX 2023 Recap

    Ring a ding a ling a ding! We're back and have survived the wave of panels at SLC FanX 2023! We discuss our panels and overall FanX experiences, meeting new friends (which I like to include Charlie Cox in... because he's more than just a celeb.) Steph has all the hot celebrity goss, Marlee presents her thesis, and Lindsey remembers the time we accidentally sawed Rami Malek in half (in Until Dawn guys, calm down).
  • 26. Behind the Scenes: Diablo IV

    There's lots of tea to sip and spill on this Behind the Scenes episode, without even fully dipping into the issues Blizzard has been having, from development issues to the actual mythos surrounding Lillith. We discuss all about the very unappreciated patch of the game, religion, and so on.One thing we know for sure though- you should join our
  • 25. Diablo IV

    Lindsey, Steph and Mar take a trip to Sanctuary (a place not as friendly as it sounds) and clobber the legions of undead, slaughter the evil, and maybe even take a swing or two at Diablo IV itself! Come join us in our discord and let us know what you think! Go
  • 24. Behind the Scenes: Metroid Prime

    We're finally behind the scenes of Metroid Prime: Remastered, and we dive into the tea of the making of the original game as well as the differences between the original and remastered versions. The group examines the phenomenon of Stanley cups and Utah moms. Steph finds a naked wheres Waldo, Lindsey loves trash baebes, and Marlee is throwing a guitar hero party!
  • 23. Guest Interview with Brian Alexander

    Linds, Steph and Mar continue their discussion from last week with close friend of the podcast Brian Alexander, who you might remember from Season 2 of our show! We talk all things retro games and a little bit of gaming philosophy!
  • 22. Side Mission: Street Fighter II and Retro Games (with Brian)

    Linds, Steph and Mar are headed to the arcade in this episode of Cutscenes and Cupcakes, and who better to bring to the arcade than our good friend Brian Alexander! We have a good chat about retro games and what makes a game "retro". We also talk Street Fighter and share our experiences with the fighter genre as well as our time playing Street Fighter II.
  • 21. Metroid Prime (Remastered)

    We're back from our summer break and happy to enter into a retro game month with the Metroid Prime Remaster! The group gets woefully lost and struggles with some pathfinding, but it's still a good time because Marlee conquers her fears of lake monsters, Lindsey finds manticore bones on the beach, and Steph is clomping right along!
  • 20. Side Mission: Hogwarts Houses

    You can't talk about Hogwarts Legacy for nearly a month without talking about your Myers-Briggs personality and its correlation with our hat-designated Hogwarts houses. Can you guess which houses Linds, Mar, and Steph are in? In this episode, Marlee admits to being a control nerd, and Steph proposes a Harry Potter Pickle-free Puzzle People Party club. Also, Lindsey has a just a spark one of her "Lindsey's broken" laugh fits.
  • 19. Wizarding World and Hogwarts Legacy with Ty

    Hop aboard the Hogwarts Express on this episode and join up with Stephanie and Marlee as they discuss all things Wizarding World/Harry Potter and more with fellow podcaster Ty from Multiplane Podcast! Lindsey is too cool for school this episode and is driving a flying car a few miles back to school, but she'll be back next episode!