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  • Biden's Senile State of the Union | 03/08/24

    Joe Biden gave one of the strangest and most senile State of the Union addresses last night. Also, we got a rising star in the form of Alabama Senator Katie Britt to deliver the GOP response. Oh, and Oregon recriminalized low-level drug use this week, but what if the data and reality don't support the legislation? What if the folks like Matt Walsh are dead-wrong about what the data says about this issue? Can it be true that legalizing drugs is bad and that criminalizing drug use is also bad? Today's Research:

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  • Texas GOP Voters Stand Up to RINOS? | 03/06/24

    On an otherwise sleepy "Super Tuesday" the voters in multiple RINO-led districts stood up for school choice and their voices to be heard. Is that a sign of hope in the GOP? Also, the Chicago Teachers Union wants a $50 billion union contract and MSNBC laughs at those who think immigration is a big deal in Virginia. All on a #WTFWednesday edition of Critical Thinking.
  • The One Where Trudeau Wants Russia to Win the War | 02/28/24

    Justin Trudeua says the quiet part out loud? Wishing that Russia wins over Ukraine? Also, Marry Poppins is now racist and we get an inside-the-park home run for the ages in a Spring Training Game. Oh, and Federalist Papers No. 16 goes under the microscope on today's Critical Thinking.
  • We're Now Fans of the Polls Because They Like Trump? | 02/27/24

    Polling in seven swing states favors Trump over Biden and now MAGA Forever tells us we have to believe in the polls. Bold strategy...Also, I wonder about DEI being bad for your health outcomes if you don't play ball and what about the COVID Crazies and their unwillingness to admit they were wrong about kids and schooling? It all comes your way on a #TruthOrFictionTuesday.
  • Google's AI is Racist, Whatcha Gonna Do About It? | 02/26/24

    Google's new AI, "Gemini" was exposed for its anti-White racism late last week and it only continued to get worse as its leftist bias was put on full display all over X this weekend. Yet, will anyone do anything about it? Like, I don't know, stop using gmail or calendar or Google Docs? Probably not and Google knows it. Also, the AP decides to hide the illegal status of an alleged murderer...oh and we put The Federalist Papers No. 14 under the microscope as well. 
  • Our Rights Don't Come From God? | 02/23/24

    A Politico reporter went on MSNBC to continue her crusade against "Christian Nationalism" because they want to establish a THEOCRACY, telling the audience that our rights don't come from God, but do come from government. That and Justin Trudeau wants a "common set of facts" to be determined for us all to work from. How about no? That and three amazing takes this week, including one from Joe Biden!
  • Left Claims Biden-Ukraine Story is Russian Disinformation | 02/22/24

    After an FBI informant is charged with lying to the FBI and trying to play both Russia and the United States against each other, the left says the case against Joe Biden and the Biden Crime Family should be closed. Oh really? I examine their claim. Also, Joe Biden gets the media to play along with his charade of a "student loan debt cancellation" game. Finally, The Federalist Papers No. 13 goes under the microscope.