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  • Goodbye of a Lifetime

    After 57 episodes, the team at Crime of a Lifetime is saying goodbye. It has been such a joy bringing to life stories of death, survival, villains, and heroes. We’re so grateful to all of our listeners and to the team who made it possible: Kerry and Quin (hosts), Tanner Robbins (producer), Hazel May (researcher), Julie McGruder and John Thrasher (senior producers), Arlen Ginsburg and Hansdale Hsu(sound designers), McCamey Lynn (supervising producer), and Jessie Katz (executive producer).But never fear; Quin and Kerry have another podcast! Find more terrifying and scintillating true crime stories on their other show ‘Truly Darkly Creeply’ wherever you listen to podcasts.

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  • Swiped To Death

    In 2016, Sarah Butler goes on a first date with a guy she met online. When she doesn’t come home her girlfriends panic, but instead of hand-wringing, they fly into action. They use every method at their disposal to track down the mysterious man and they won’t be stopped until he is. 
  • Cooking Up a Cover-Up

    Working in the restaurant industry is notoriously difficult–the hours are long and the work demanding. And for David Viens, managing the stress gets a whole lot harder when he takes on another full-time gig–covering up the murder of his wife.
  • The Demon Baker of Anchorage

    Alaska is known for months without sunshine, but for sex workers in the 1970s… things feel even darker. Women are going missing at an alarming pace and the police have no leads. Ultimately it won’t be a man with a badge who cracks the case, but a young girl without shoes. 
  • The Deadliest of Sins

    In 1982, Melinda and David Harmon seem like the perfect Christian couple. They’re active in the church and they live by their values. But when David is brutally murdered, the local police wonder if Melinda may have committed one or two of the seven deadly sins.
  • Lights, Camera, Murder

    When a studio audience is seated on the set of the Jenny Jones daytime talk show in 1995, they’re expecting to see a show about secret crushes. But as the segment plays out in front of them, it’s clear that this is no love story… it’s a horror movie waiting to happen.
  • Truly, Darkly, Creeply: Inch Me

    Kerry tells the shocking story of the murder of Ari Gershman. Quinlan gets dangerous with Arno Funke aka Dagobert. Find all our episodes at or wherever you listen to podcasts.