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The Best of Series 1

Season 2, Ep. 1

Who takes their inspiration from John Cleese? Who would bin education? And you would never guess who wants to ban robots....

We kick-off series two with some of the highlights from last season. Every week, we invite some of the world's smartest thinkers in creativity and technology to have a chat with Professor Neil Maiden, the director of the Centre for Creativity enabled by AI.

At the end of every conversation we ask our guest the same three questions - What do they need be creative? What new app would they create? and What piece of tech would they bin if they had the chance?

From the godfather of user centre computer design, Ben Shneiderman, to Ted Talker and business author Margaret Heffernan, behavioural psychologist Richard Chataway, renowned digital artist and pioneer Ernest Edmonds, creative problem solving guru Scott Isaksen, and innovation expert Dr Sara Jones, we have gathered up their responses to our regular three question feature.

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Executive Producer and Presenter Sam Steele

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  • 6. Irini Papadimitriou

    Who controls technology? How is it developed? Who benefits from AI? How do we change things for the best? Cultural curator Irini Papadimitriou, Creative Director at innovation lab and cultural agency, Future Everything, on challenging norms, queering datasets, and inherent bias in artificial intelligence. From the LAPD and deadly robots to the National Trust, Irini champions inclusivity in technology using art and collaborating with a wide array of innovative artists from around the world. Produced by Diana Squires Edited by Emilia RolewiczExecutive Producer Sam SteeleTheme music generated by AI @ www.soundraw.ioLinks You and AI: Through the Algorithmic LensNational Trust at Quarry Bank: Unintended ConsequencesThe Normalising MachineStop LAPD Spying CoalitionBill BalaskasForensic ArchitectureAdam Harvey: V-FrameJake Elwes: Zizi - Queering the DatasetCreative Comm 21Future EverythingCebAI: twitter LinkedIn Website email 
  • 5. Sports Talk

    In this free and frank exchange of views we look inside life at the very top of elite coaching with Nigel Redman, former Team GB Olympic swimming coach, now England Rugby’s 'Kingmaker' and Head of Team Performance. And Chris McLeod who looks after the UK's top tennis talent in his role as lead strength and conditioning coach at the Lawn Tennis Association.Together with host, Professor Neil Maiden, the panel discuss the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and listening to people with more diverse experiences and points of view; the difference between boundaries and barriers; how important the environment is to supporting or suppressing creativity; and the dead weight of tradition in sports coaching that impedes new and more creative ways of working. Produced by Diana SquiresExecutive Producer Sam SteeleTheme music generated by AI @ www.soundraw.ioLinks England RugbyLawn Tennis AssociationMasters in Creativity, Innovation & LeadershipCebAI: twitter LinkedIn Website email
  • 4. Ghislaine Boddington

    Is your body part of the interface? Do you track your health and fitness on your smart phone? Are you quantifying yourself to the point of modification? Do you realise how much money corporations can make from the personal data you upload to the web? Ghislaine Boddington is an award-winning Creative Director, Presenter and Researcher. She is a Cofounder of body>data>space (fka shinkansen), an interactive design collective based in East London who have advocated for the living body to be at the heart of the digital debate since the early 1990s. She is a Reader in Digital Immersion at the School of Design, University of Greenwich where she researches the future of collective embodiment under her theme “The Internet of Bodies”. In this episode, Ghislaine speaks with Professor Neil Maiden about why technology should enhance not just the brain but the body, the blurred virtual and physical world the pandemic created, and reveals the single most important thing she needs in order to be creativeProduced by Diana SquiresEdited by Emilia RolewiczExecutive Producer Sam SteeleTheme music generated by AI @ LinksGhislaine Boddington The Internet of Bodies website.Ghislaine Boddington biogGhislaine Boddington twitterCebAI: twitter LinkedIn Website email
  • 3. Bunmi Durowoju

    How do self-defence classes make you a better negotiator? What do F1 crews and KPMG consultants have in common? Parenting, innovation and being a leader at Microsoft, all covered in this conversation with high-roller Bunmi Durowoju, Senior Strategic Business Development Manager at Microsoft.Professor Neil Maiden and Bunmi discuss what stops leaders from being creative, how to nurture creative self-belief, and why ensuring diverse voices creates the most innovative solutions.Bunmi is brilliantly pragmatic on EDI issues, an advocate for inclusive, sustainable, humanistic leadership within Microsoft, and heads up the Underrepresented Ethnic Group (UEG, BAME) initiatives for Women@Microsoft UK. Produced by Diana SquiresEdited by Emilia RolewiczExecutive Producer Sam SteeleTheme music generated by AI @ www.soundraw.ioLinksBunmi DurowojuCebAI: twitter LinkedIn Website email
  • 2. Sir Professor Anthony Finkelstein, OBE

    What's it like working with Dominic Cummings? How can we innovate effectively in large organisations? How does a Japanese TV presenter fit in to all of this?In this wide-ranging chat, Neil Maiden catches up with Sir Professor Finkelstein, MBE, an old friend and former Chief Scientific Advisor for the British government. This conversation spans his distinguished career from software systems research, through innovation in government to his new role leading City, University of London. Prof Finkelstein discusses what he made of working with Dominic Cummings, the concept of creative destruction and what constrains creativity in institutional systems. He explains how strategic venture capital can be used to drive change in organisations; the importance of taking lessons from de-clutter queen Marie Kondo, and confesses to the one thing that he needs to be creative. Produced by Diana Squires  Executive Producer Sam Steele  Theme music generated by AI @ Links Anthony Finkelstein website Anthony Finkelstein blog Anthony Finkelstein Twitter @profserious Marie Kondo CebAI: twitter LinkedIn Website email  
  • 6. Dr Sara Jones

    Dr Jones is a pioneer in the field of interdisciplinary creativity. A lecturer in Creative Interactive System Design at Bayes Business School, and the Director of the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice, Sara has been instrumental in developing international collaborations and post grad business courses that focus on injecting creativity and innovation into business and MBA-level students.In this podcast she discusses her work collaborating with businesses and academics across the world, the role of education in engendering innovation skills in students, how technology can play a part in that process, and, the one single thing that she would get rid of to make humans more creative!LinksDr Sara JonesCentre for Creativity in Professional PracticeMasters, Innovation Creativity and Leadership (MICL)Bayes Business SchoolCentre for Creativity Enabled by AI (CebAI)TwitterLinkedInEmailCity, University of London
  • 5. Ernest Edmonds

    Ernest Edmonds distinguished career spans nearly 60 years. He is an exhibited artist in his own right and an international expert on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), specialising in creative technologies. Professor Neil Maiden interviews this computer art pioneer, discussing how art, computer science and cognitive psychology have converged since the 1980s and have changed the HCI journey, from the "ease of use" 80s and 90s to today's desire to "enhance creativity". They discuss the problem with Machine Learning and the trouble with artists and the one thing un today's world that Ernest would happily see disappear.LinksErnest EdmondsCebAI: twitter LinkedIn Website email
  • 4. Margaret Heffernan

    Margaret Heffernan is a hugely successful CEO, award-winning author and has given no less than four Ted Talks. With direct and incisive insights, she effortlessly explodes myths and mysteries around how businesses succeed and what type of behaviour is required to build teams that are innovative.In this podcast Margaret talks to Professor Neil Maiden about what she considers to be the biggest communication failure of her lifetime, the one thing that she loathes with a passion above all else, and why vertically integrated projects are the way forward.LinksMargaret HeffernanCebAI: twitter LinkedIn Website email