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Cooking Issues with Dave Arnold

Modernist Pizza with Francisco Migoya

Francisco Migoya, head chef at Modernist Cuisine and coauthor of Modernist Bread and Modernist Pizza, joins the show for a lively discussion on, you guessed it, pizza. 

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  • Thanksgiving "Classics in the Field" Special with Matt Sartwell & Barbara Robinson of The Butterball Hotline

    The Cooking Issues crew has your Thanksgiving needs taken care of on a special "Classics in the Field" episode featuring friend of the show and proprietor of Kitchen Arts & Letters, Matt Sartwell. Barbara Robinson of The Butterball Hotline joins for a special extended segment to talk all things turkey. 
  • Cocktails with Robert Simonson

    This week's guest on Cooking Issues is Robert Simonson, who writes about cocktails, spirits, bars, and bartenders for the New York Times and is the creator and author of the Substack newsletter The Mix With Robert Simonson.
  • BYOPizza Greens: No Tangent Tuesday

    This week, Dave and the crew chat about everything from roux to dirt martinis and remember the good old days of sneaking arugula into the pizza restaurant. 
  • No Tangent Tuesday: BBQ Lines and Secret Pepper Steaks

    Dave is back from Austin and has a lot of tangents to share on a brand new "No Tangent Tuesday" edition of Cooking Issues. 
  • NA Cocktails and Beyond with Han Suk Cho of Kato Restaurant

    This week on Cooking Issues, Han Suk Cho joins the show remotely from Los Angeles. She is one of the bartenders at the fantastic Kato restaurant, alongside friend of the show Austin Hennelly. She is also the founder of her own non-alcoholic cocktail company, Zero Proof Bevs. 
  • The Simple Art of Rice with JJ Johnson

    This week on Cooking Issues, Dave is joined by award-winning author and acclaimed chef JJ Johnson. His discusses his latest book, The Simple Art of Rice: Recipes from Around the World for the Heart of Your Table, which is available at a discount for our Patreon Members.
  • Nicholas Coleman

    Olive Oil guru Nicholas Coleman returns to the show and Jackie Molecules checks in from Japan on this week's episode of Cooking Issues.
  • No Tangent Tuesday: Quinn's Return + the Triumph of the Apple Head Dolls

    This week on a special No Tangent Tuesday, Quinn makes his return to the show! Dave and the crew also recap their eventful week in LA.
  • Harold McGee Live from LA!

    This week on a special episode of Cooking Issues with Dave, Nastassia and Jackie Molecules all in LA together - Harold McGee joins the show to chat about a myriad of topics including melons, garlic, corn and more.