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In this episode, we’re all about Cloud Hosting. Joining us for this discussion are iland Enterprise Solutions Architect, Richard Stinton and Xtravirt Lead Consultant, Christopher Lewis, who talk us through Cloud Hosting and why it’s important. Our guests consider their own experiences and analyse the main business drivers they’re seeing for clients making a move to the cloud, what organisations are looking for, as well as the main issues that need to be considered when contemplating this transition.  

Richard and Christopher also discuss the types of businesses that are beginning to implement cloud hosting services; how both iland and Xtravirt are addressing issues and helping organisations within this space; as well as what the future looks like for cloud hosting.

 Topics Covered:

  • What is Cloud Hosting and why is it important?
  • What are the market factors driving the adoption of cloud hosting services?
  • What issues should clients bear in mind when considering a cloud hosting solution?
  • How are iland and Xtravirt helping organisations within this space?
  • What does the future look like for cloud hosting?

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The New Business as Usual

Ep. 39
In this very topical and timely podcast we are joined by Xtravirt Strategic Services Director, Robin Gardner. As an experienced CTO in change management and instrumental in a number of large scale infrastructure and virtualisation programmes, Robin was the obvious choice when it came to discussing the impact of the global pandemic on IT and organisational culture.We discuss the changes and challenges businesses have had to face over the past few months, how IT have had to respond and Robin provides us with his views on what these mean for how organisations operate and their employees.Listen the podcast to understand more about:The main challenges businesses have had to overcome to enable remote working and keep businesses runningCan the changes organisations have had to make be sustained in the longer term and the impact on compliance issues?What will be different in how organisations were working, are now working and where they need to get to?How do we support the changing profile of the workspace, the workforce and office culture?Is now the time to be thinking about IT planning, migrations and transformations and what tools and products can organisations utilise for this journey?Has the current situation brought to light more sustainable options for organisations?What should organisations be considering and doing now to support themselves over the next few months?For more information on Xtravirt's services go to, to get in touch go to