Clockwork Bird


22. Golden Pheasant

Ep. 22

Grappling with the troubling possibility that U-Co’s technology could not only bring people back from the dead, but create digital ghosts, Shelly wonders how many of the voices in the recordings are real, and what ‘real’ even means in the context of people, blended with machinery and code.

The line between man and machine is blurring; anyone who has seen a photograph of Robin Jaeger could tell you that. But the distinction may be even cloudier than either Shelly or Dave first realised.

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Clockwork Bird is a scifi/horror podcast that deals with mature themes and may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised. This episode in particular features potentially sensitive content including:

  • Distorted audio from the outset
  • Whispering
  • Discussion of medical procedures
  • Mentions of death
  • Discussion of suffering
  • Discusison of unsafe medical procedures

Clockwork Bird is a podcast distributed by Hanging Sloth Studios under a creative commons international share-alike license. This episode stars: Daisy Major, Gary Major, Jessie Jeffrey, and Pippin Eira Major. Written, directed and produced by Pippin Eira Major. Music by Maybe Wednesday.

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