Clockwork Bird


1. Albatross

Ep. 1

Now remastered! Shelly Croft helps DI Dave Hughes sort through files for Case 229, regarding U-Co and medical malpractice. Shelly listens to recording 36, taken from the personal computer of Dr Sophie Bennett.

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Clockwork Bird is a scifi/horror podcast that deals with mature themes and may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised. This episode in particular features:

  • Descriptions of nudity
  • Brief implications of torture
  • Police incompetence

Clockwork Bird is a podcast distributed by Hanging Sloth Studios under a creative commons international share-alike license. This episode stars: Daisy Major, Gary Major, Jessie Jeffrey, Alex Peilober-Richardson, and Pippin Eira Major. Written, directed and produced by Pippin Eira Major. Music by Maybe Wednesday.

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