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ZTE Whistleblower Shares Story on FBI Raid

A 32-page affidavit explaining all the schemes, all of the shell companies and all of the big players was leaked to the press.

The former General Counsel For ZTE turned whistleblower joins ClearedCast to hear about his chilling story outlined in his book, “Standing Up To China,” where he uncovered some pretty shocking things about the company trying to get around US export laws.

Ashley Yablon is a trusted source in understanding the ins and outs of the elusive Chinese Market and most importantly the ins and outs of ZTE.

Currently, the white house has barred approval of new telecommunications equipment from companies Huawei Technologies and ZTE since they pose an unnecessary risk to US national security. Yablon, who has supported both organizations, starts at the beginning of his story with ZTE, highlighting how the fallout started before he blew the whistle on the conglomerate.

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