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Is Artemis a Waste of Money or the Planetary Exploration Rally Point NASA Needs?

David Brown is the author of The Mission, which details many aspects of the SLS program and how Artemis came to be the unlikely solution to our problem of being unable to go interplanetary. He recently sat down with ClearanceJobs to talk about the Artemis launch. He twice attempted to see the program take flight and was met both times by the rocket's fueling woes.

He discussed how his writing on the Europa Clipper and efforts to explore one of Jupiter's moons also led him to get up and close the budget and political battles that led to the Artemis program.

"Although NASA has a great many missions that cover literally everywhere in the universe in one way or another., everything really is connected in a lot of strange and sometimes unexpected ways," said Brown. "Unexpected even for the people who work for NASA and who launch these missions."

Brown unpacked more about Artemis in a recent ClearanceJobs piece, writing about how Artemis was as much the brainchild of senators as it was of scientists. When it comes to rockets getting off of the ground and all things NASA, it turns out the programs are more swayed by politics than planetary science.

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