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Shaping India@100 through Art and Culture ft Kiran Nadar

Season 1, Ep. 92

Kiran Nadar, Chairperson, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Trustee, Shiv Nadar Foundation discusses how promotion of art and culture in India can foster creativity, inclusivity, economic growth and cultural richness in the country. She is in discussion with Rajan Navani, Chairman, CII India@75 Council.

How can India leverage its soft power to become a global leader by 2047? What can be done to encourage and empower more women to assume leadership roles in creative fields? In a globalized world, how can we empower and celebrate local artists and cultural expressions while preserving their authenticity and uniqueness?

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  • 101. Revitalising the Indian Tourism Sector ft Vikram Bakshi

    Vikram Bakshi, Chairman, Ascot Hospitality Pvt. Ltd highlights the factors that are reshaping the tourism and hospitality industry in India. What should businesses do to thrive in the evolving tourism and hospitality landscape of India? What are the emerging trends that are driving growth for the sector? How is the increased use of technology propelling the tourism industry?
  • 100. Sustainable Architecture and Green Initiatives in Building Sector ft Gurmit Singh Arora

    Gurmit Singh Arora, National Chairman of CII – Indian Green Building Council and Managing Director of Rajco Group highlights the potential and impact of green buildings in India, while navigating the landscape of eco-friendly construction.How can sustainable practices in building construction shape the future of India's environmental footprint? How is the Indian Green Building Council contributing towards India's vision of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2070?
  • 99. Strategies for Green Product Adoption in Industries ft A R Unnikrishnan

    A R Unnikrishnan, Chairman, CII - GreenPro and Managing Director, Saint-Gobain India Private Limited - Glass Business talks about the shifting landscape of Indian industry towards sustainability and eco-conscious practices, while highlighting how CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre is promoting the adoption of greener and more environmentally friendly manufacturing. What are some key steps that can be taken by the Indian industry to make their products green and environment-friendly? How do the initiatives undertaken by CII GreenPro align with India’s target of achieving Net Zero emissions by 2070?
  • 98. Innovations in Energy Efficiency and Beyond ft Ravichandran Purushothaman

    Ravichandran Purushothaman, Chairman, CII GBC Energy Efficiency Council; CII National Committee on Cold Chain and President, Danfoss India dives into the dynamic world of energy efficiency and highlights how CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre is navigating key areas and opportunities in this landscape, leveraging innovation to reshape industries. How do we ensure that the focus on energy efficiency doesn't disproportionately impact communities? Sustainability and energy-efficiency in cold chain management, crucial for food security – how can this be achieved across different scales, from small farmers to large retailers?
  • 97. Towards a Healthier Nation: Building a Fitness and Recreation Culture for India@100 ft Deanne Panday

    Deanne Panday, Fitness Expert, Health Coach & Author highlights the importance of physical fitness, healthy eating habits, recreation and their role in enhancing the overall well-being of an individual and the society as a whole. She is in discussion with Rajan Navani, Chairman, CII India@75 Council. Considering the rising the trend of health consciousness among Indians, how can improving the food and nutrition scenario in the country promote healthier eating habits, combat malnutrition and result in a better quality of life for the population? What are the three key fitness activities or routines that women can include in their busy schedules for physical health and mental well-being?
  • 96. The Evolving Speciality Chemical Manufacturing in India ft Kartik Bharat Ram

    Kartik Bharat Ram, Joint Managing Director, SRF Group of Companies talks about the fast-evolving speciality chemical manufacturing sector in India and the emerging trends & technologies that are shaping the future of the industry.How has the manufacturing landscape evolved over the years, especially in the context of technological advancements? How is speciality chemicals manufacturing contributing to the overall growth of the manufacturing sector in India? In what way the emergence of innovative products & processes is transforming the sector?
  • 95. Fostering Sustainability in Real Estate Sector ft Anshuman Magazine

    Anshuman Magazine, Chairman & CEO - India, South-East Asia, Middle East and Africa, CBRE highlights how sustainable infrastructure is transforming the real estate sector in the country.With the emergence of smart cities, how is sustainable infrastructure shaping urban development and the real estate landscape? What are the unique technovations in the real estate industry that we can expect to witness in the coming times?
  • 94. Driving Sustainability Across Sectors ft Syed Junaid Altaf

    Syed Junaid Altaf, Vice Chairman of CII J&K State and Promoter & Group Executive Director – FIL Industries Private Limited highlights how sustainable practices are transforming businesses across sectors. In what ways is sustainable tourism paving the future path for the sector? What is sustainable mobility and how is it contributing to climate action?
  • 93. Building Resilient Capital Markets ft Madhabi Puri Buch

    Madhabi Puri Buch, Chairperson, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) talks about the strategies that will further help in building resilient capital markets to support the growing needs of the Indian economy at the CII Global Policy Economic Forum 2023. What are the ways of striking a balance between ease of doing business vis-a-vis investor protection? How can data and tech enabled solutions play an important role in effective decision making? How can partnerships between regulator and industry help in having supportive regulations in place?