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Entering the Mind Of A Yogi

Season 2, Ep. 10

Freya is an avid fitness junkie and Yogi who lives in the twin cities as well as being someone who is very successful in global software sales professionaly. She travels globally almost every week but always finds time to fit in a yoga session. As I've grown increasingly more into my own yoga practice and enjoyed what its done for me physically, emotionally and mentally, I've wanted to interview someone who has been into it alot longer than I have and has more of a proficient knowledge base surrounding it. In comes Freya, someone who I've been playing tag with for over a year to get an interview. Here is her take on yoga, what it means to her and why it's not just a stretching session or another work out craze.

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  • 12. When the past damages the present

    In Episode 12 will sits with a good friend and colleague, Michelle Owens to talk about a topic of her choice. This topic happened to be inspired by a book she read, Born a Crime, in which the author had several quotes that had her wanting to sit and dialogue with men and ask the question, why do some of us let unhealthy or abnormal relationships with our mothers have a negative impact on our current intimate relationships. This was a very fun conversation / debate that even resembled a "battle of the sexes" atmosphere at one point that was exciting but also very important as it pushed both of us to ask some very serious questions about ourselves and relationships from the persepctive of both men and women.
  • 11. Ashley Adams and Black Yoga Magazine

    Continuing with a Yoga theme for the second episode in a row, in Episode 11 I sit down and talk with Ashley Adams, yoga teacher and owner of Black Yoga Magazine. We talk about her motivation for starting a Magazine centered around the experience of black folks in yoga, where her practice has taken her, the learning curve of running her own publication and what she sees for Black Yoga Magazine in the future!
  • 9. When You Can't Go Any Further

    Originally Published a few months ago, this episode was personal moment. A moment where I had reached a breaking point in my life, a turning point and had to vent and let all my emotions out in regards to the pressures and struggles of being an African American in this country. What it means and the toll it takes on many of my fellow brothers and sisters. I hope that this resonates with some of you and can help you through. And for those who can't but have an African American colleague, I hope this gives you a glimpse into the struggle that we deal with on an every day basis that you yourself have the privilege of not having to endure.
  • 8. An intersection with Politics, Race, and Religion with Jake Hunt

    In episode 8 of this second season, Will interviews old friend Jacob Hunt to talk about how the recent trial of Amber Guyger, ex Dallas Police officer, and her murder of Botham Jean brings about a complex conversation of how religion presents an interesting dynamic when it comes to African Americans forgiving White America when it comes to inequity in politics and race, and how religion may or may not be exploited to do achieve this outcome. Take a listen and let us know what you think!
  • 7. Jess Awesome

    In Episode 7 of Season 2, Will interviews Marine Veteran and Adult film performer Jess Awesome to talk about his transition from Marine, to civilian life, to his experiences in the adult film world. Listen to how life got awesome for Jess Awesome
  • 6. "It's been a long time"

    After a long hiatus Will gets back in the saddle to connect with an old friend and fellow thinker from Season 1, "Ra", aka Mr. GittyDoe! Sit in and listen to these two as they catch up on each others whereabouts and life in general. Listen as they contemplate the state of our society, politics, frame of thought and each others philosophy and focus for the upcoming future. Chill Time is back!!!
  • 5. Round 2 with Pragmatic

    In Episode 5 of Season 2, Will gets to touch base with a good friend, Adrian "Pragmatic" Mack to talk to him about his Radio Show with Professor Keith Mays, and what he's been doing professionally since their last sit down. Tune in to a great show and as always a great and enlightening conversation when these two get around one another.
  • 4. Mr. Williams' World

    It's a Friday evening and William decides to get together and have a conversation with Kevin Williams and talk about everything from politics, consulting work, social justice, comic books and Kevin's odd choice for his favorite movie of all time! Don't miss it!!