cover art for S6 Ep 14- Annie Kopchovsky


S6 Ep 14- Annie Kopchovsky

Season 6, Ep. 14

This week, Phoebe tells Annie all about Annie Kopchovsky, a pioneer of women's cycling who cycled the world in the 1890s just days after learning to ride a bike.

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  • S6 Ep 16 - Jessie Mary Vasey

    In this final Ep of Season 6, Phoebe tells Annie all about Jessie Vasey, founder of the War Widows' Guild of Australia, who, almost single-handedly founded a self-help organisation that assisted women widowed through war. Thanks for listening to another Season of Chickstory - we'll be back in 2024 and can't wait to bring you more incredible stories about Chicks In History!
  • 15. S6 Ep 15 - Mae West

    This week Annie tells Phoebe all about Mae West. You've probably heard of this Hollywood legend, but we guarantee there's probably a lot you haven't heard, like that one time she saved Paramount Pictures from bankruptcy.
  • 13. S6 Ep 13- The History of Hysteria

    We are mixing it up this week with the History of Hysteria. This week, Annie tells Phoebe all about Hysteria, its origins, its treatments and mans fascination with this terribly gendered condition.
  • 12. S6 Ep 12 - (Chickstory Repeated) Noor Inayat Khan

    We're still on a wee break (New Eps return next week!) so here's another one of our favs..In this Ep, Phoebe tells Annie all about Noor Inayat Khan, the first female radio operator to be dropped into Nazi-occupied France
  • 11. S6 Ep 11 - (Chickstory Repeated) Elizabeth Macarthur

    We're taking a short break while Phebe is away sunning herself in Thailand! Enjoy one of Annie's favourites from the archives...We bet most of you have heard of John Macarthur - Australia's so-called father of the wool industry but have you heard of his wife - Elizabeth Macarthur? This week Annie gets mad and tells Phoebe all about the incredible woman behind the man behind the wool industry.
  • 10. S6 Ep 10 - Sonia Revid & Louisa Mary Lightfoot

    This week, Phoebe tells Annie all about two remarkable women, Sonia Revid and Louisa Mary Lightfoot, who both contributed significantly to the dance culture in Australia.
  • 9. S6 Ep 9 - Rachel Carson

    In this weeks Ep, Annie tells Phoebe all about Rachel Carson, a marine biologist, writer, and conservationist whose influential book Silent Spring and other writings are credited with advancing the global environmental movement.
  • 8. S6 Ep 8 - Amy Bock

    This week, Phoebe tells Annie all about Amy Bock, New Zealand's most celebrated and energetic confidence trickster.