• 8. S6 Ep 8 - Amy Bock

    This week, Phoebe tells Annie all about Amy Bock, New Zealand's most celebrated and energetic confidence trickster.
  • 7. S6 Ep 7 - Nettie Stevens

    This week, Annie tells Phoebe all about Nettie Stevens, an American geneticist who discovered the sex chromosomes.
  • 6. S6 Ep 6 - Vera Scantlebury

    This week Phoebe tells Annie all about Vera Scantlebury, a trailblazing Australian medical practitioner and paediatrician.
  • 5. S6 Ep 5 - Inez Milholland

    This week, Annie tells Phoebe all about Inez Milholland, who became known as the most beautiful suffragette - much to her frustration.
  • 4. S6 Ep 4 - Nora Heysen

    This week, Poebe tells Annie all about Nora Heysen - the first woman to win the Australian Archibald Prize in 1938 and the first Australian woman appointed as an official war artist.
  • 3. S6 Ep 3 - Netty Honeyball and the history of women's soccer

    This week, Annie tells Phoebe about Netty Honeyball and her part in women's soccer history. Get ready for this one - it's gonna make you maaaaad!
  • 2. S6 Ep 2 - Mary Penfold

    This week, Phoebe tells Annie all about Mary Penfold - businesswoman, pioneering winemaker and co-founder of Penfolds Winery.
  • 1. S6 Ep 1 - Ruth Handler

    We're baaaaack!! Did you miss us? We missed you, lovely Chickstorians. So, you may have seen the movie, but do you know the full story behind Barbie's inventor, Ruth Handler? P.S. If you have a few spare minutes, we'd love it if you could rate and review our little podcast- it helps other people like you find us and discover these incredible stories about often overlooked women in history.
  • 16. S5 Ep 16 - Helen B. Taussig

    In the final episode of Season 5, Phoebe tells Annie all about Helen B. Taussig, a remarkable woman who overcame learning difficulties to become the founder of pediatric cardiology.