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[ENGLISH] Real Estate Crisis: is it a good idea to buy a house these days?

Saison 2
Lauren and I worked very closely together for years and became friends. From the very beginning, she shared her absolute passion for real estate, which became super handy when we looked for new places to expand our office space. Since then, I became serious about getting a house to live in and she became our real estate agent. Which means we spent many, many weekends together.More than 50% of home buyers are looking for property online on major websites such as Zillow, Redfin or Realtor. In the most competitive areas, listings stay on the market for 24 to 48 hours tops, people offer sometimes over 100k over asking, and in many instances waive inspection all the while never stepping foot in the actual house.Is real estate in America broken? Are we in a deep crisis? With crazy interest rates around 5 to 6% these days, is it still sound to buy a house?Today, I want to talk about real estate challenges with Lauren Bellis. On top of being a good friend, Lauren Bellis is a real estate agent in MA, a real estate investor and a real estate coach.To chat with Lauren Bellis:laurenbellisrealestate@gmail.comAnne-Fleur Andrle is the host and director of this episode.Mix and sound design by Alice KriefMore info: www.annefleurandrle.comFind me on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedInChez Anne-Fleur est un podcast d'expérimentation podcastique dans lequel je me laisse aller à de nouvelles idées, sans trop me soucier du lendemain. Pour suivre mes actus, abonnez-vous à ma newsletter (je vous envoie des recos d'épisodes en tous genres qui ont su conquérir mes oreilles) ou retrouvez-moi sur Instagram ou Twitter.Plus d'infos :