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  • Bonus: With Dr Bettina Hohnen on understanding anxiety in children and young people

    In another special episode of our podcast, we speak to clinician, educator and author Dr Bettina Hohnen about anxiety. We explore healthy anxiety – especially in the context of a global pandemic – and we look at when to seek additional support if parents are worried about their child. We discuss ways of proactively reducing the development of anxiety and we share tips on how to deal with any in-the-moment panic attacks.

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  • 6. A New Curriculum Model?

    On this week’s show, Simon Camby and Beth Kerr are joined by Trishna Harjani, a Cognita teacher based at Stamford American School Hong Kong, to discuss diversity and how the curriculum can help provide young people with a sense of identity and belonging.
  • 5. Black Lives Matter

    On this week’s show, Simon Camby and Beth Kerr speak with two educational leaders about race and diversity in the context of recent Black Lives Matter protests and action around the world. Guests Tushi Gorasia of Hendon Preparatory School and Siobhan McGrath of Southbank International School share what recent events mean for them and their schools.
  • 4. The student view: school re-openings

    On this week’s show we get first-hand perspectives from students in different countries and phases of return to school. They discuss their experiences of online learning, their feelings about going back to the physical classroom, and how lockdown and the pandemic overall has impacted their feelings about the future. 
  • Bonus: With Professor Tanya Byron on children’s wellbeing

    In this special episode of our podcast, we speak to clinician, journalist, author and broadcaster Professor Tanya Byron about children’s wellbeing. As schools globally start to reopen, we look at the impact of coronavirus, lockdown and a return to school on anxiety, and how children and parents can deal with it.This podcast is also available to view as a video at
  • 3. Back to school after lockdown

    On today’s show we focus on how schools adapt teaching and learning as they welcome back students and staff to the physical classroom.
  • 2. A new reality for education

    This week we're joined by Sir Kevan Collins, one of global education’s leading lights and the former CEO of the Education Endowment Foundation in the UK. We look at how education will look and feel after lockdown, and ways in which the current pressures can lead to positive long-term change.