The fire coloured the night sky. A wall of flames engulfing the building. From her bedroom  in a neighbouring tower block Gill Kernick watched in horror as the Grenfell tower burned. 72 people lost their lives. Gill had lived on Grenfell’s 21st floor for three years. She loved the place, the exquisite views and the community. Now it was gone. As a consultant working in  high hazard industries to create the culture and leadership needed to prevent disasters, Gill felt helpless. This should never have happened. This podcast and the book it accompanies is the result of a vow Gill made as she watched the building burn, a vow to make sure we learned, to in some way honour the lives of those lost. In this series, Catastrophe The Podcast, Gill Kernick and journalist Matthew Price, who she met while he was covering the Grenfell Tower fire, examine how we create disasters. How our established ways of thinking and working contribute to catastrophe. They explore previous major accidents and explore how and why we rarely learn. And they discover that if we are to stop the next catastrophe we need to tear up the established ways of doing things and start along a new road.

Catastrophe The Podcast is sponsored by JMJ Associates and is a Mother Come Quickly Production.  It runs along side the book by Gill Kernick - Catastrophe and Systemic Change: Learning from the Grenfell Tower and Other Disasters, published by the London Publishing Partnership