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  • 1. Decent into Avernus

    Our valiant knights go on a routine patrol to clear a forest of bandits, but they get more than they bargained on out of the situation.

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  • 2. Decent into Avernus

    Saving people from burning buildings shouldn't be that hard right?
  • 3. Decent into Avernus

    Are you ready to scrounge rations, catch dysentery and destroy your own wagon here on the Az'bestos Trail? No? Well tough, these knights don't have a choice.
  • 4. Decent into Avernus

    Couple more days on the trail, rations are running low and we're only half way there. On the bright side, we may have a few less mouths to feed....
  • 5. Decent Into Avernus

    Given the general state of the OGL 1.1 issues currently, on top of current scheduling conflicts, the current DND campaign is going to be on what is likely permament hiatusin regards to the podcast and stream of things, and transitioning into just a personal game for myself and the players. Long story short, with the kind of mess Hasbro and Wizards are causing, I just blanket do not want to give them free advertising for their nonsense in any capacity for a lot of reasons. So, the Decent into Avernus playthrough is going to just now be a private game, however that doesn't mean the TTRPG sessions i've been calling Cast From Hit Points is stopping.Theres other systems, and other settings. I'll figure out something to do with that andthe streamed games will start again. I just wanted to keep this brief, but I wanted to say SOMETHING about it all just for those that were enjoying listening along to the game.For more updates, keep an eye out on my twitter at BatcountryVT for future updates. Thanks for playing along.