Carers Network's Podcast Series


Living Through Lockdown 6: Interview with Igor Novokreshchenov on Carers Network’s new Carers Found Project

Season 1, Ep. 6

In this sixth episode of Carers Network's podcast series, Carers Network's Community Development Officer Igor talks chats to Mark from the Carers Network team about the new Carers Found project.

They talk about how certain unpaid carers don’t identify themselves as being carers – and so they miss out on vital support that is available to them.

These carers just see caring as something they would naturally do for a loved one or family member – or sometimes don’t want to be classified as a carer as they see it as stigmatising..

Certain communities are particularly hard to reach, and male carers are a group we have found difficult in the past to engage with.

Digital exclusion can be a factor that also contributes to people missing out and this has been highlighted by the recent pandemic when many services have gone online.

Igor and Mark discuss how the Carers Found project aims to engage with these communities and groups of carers through outreach work and the use of alternative means of communication – including the use of interpreters and translated materials. 

The Carers Network Podcast Series is produced thanks to the very generous support of A2 Dominion Investing in Communities ‘Great Places to Live’ Community Emergency Fund.


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