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How to Practice Inclusion in the Workplace with DEI Thought Partner & Career Coach Adriele Parker

Season 1, Ep. 4

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives have been the highlight of many organization's objectives given the recent protests across North America and the world at large, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Join host, Neha Khurram, as she chats with DEI Thought Partner, and Career Coach, Adriele Parker, as they explore ways to more broadly practice inclusion in the workplace and foster belonging.

Whether you work in HR, lead a team or want to show up as a better colleague, tune in to learn ways to be a more inclusive partner at work.

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  • 5. Dr. Simon Maltais, Cardiac Surgeon, Author of Healthcare Anonymous

    Dr. Simon Maltais is an active cardiac surgeon in one of the world’s largest providers of healthcare services. Board-certified from Canada, served as a previous vice chair of the Mayo Clinic, he has a doctorate degree in biomedical engineering and heart regeneration. He is an internationally recognized leader in the field of heart transplantation, mechanical heart devices, and alternative cardiac interventions. Simon has worked in two different countries and health systems, and provides a unique perspective on the delivery of care and its inherent challenges for healthcare workers, particularly in these difficult and tiring times. Before 40, Simon raised to lead 2 world-renowned programs in his specialty and has pioneered numerous novel approaches for advanced cardiac surgery interventions. At the age of 35, he was among the youngest promoted associate professors at a nationally recognized institution. Simon is a frequent keynote speaker, has published more than 160 articles and has contributed to numerous books.With all this success he was forced to take a step back. Knowing he had to make significant personal and professional changes but unwilling to leave and relinquish years of clinical practice and training, Simon set out to find a comprehensive and organized way to regain control. Simon now leads a newly created physician-driven effort committed to recognizing, understanding, and mentoring all individuals functioning in high-intensity and high-demanding environments (healthcare, business, professional sports) to perform. He has encouraged the formation of a community of leaders and shaped a dedicated forum for the identification, prevention and active comprehensive healing of chronic unhealthy behaviors, addictions, and associated physical and mental health-related issues like depression, burnout, and anxiety.Simon is the author of the acclaimed book called Healthcare Anonymous: Learn How to Put Yourself First While Pursuing a Calling that offers a map for healthcare workers to understand their struggles and start a process of recovery. He no longer feels like he is owned by an environment and is dedicated his life to this calling. He lives in Malibu in California with his family, continues to travel around the world and to challenge taboos while helping others learn from his experience. 
  • 4. Naya Joseph, DEI Champion & Wellness Advocate

    Naya Joseph has led diversity and inclusion initiatives with an open heart and open mind throughout her career. She shares her story in landing a role at Colorstack to champion black and brown students' careers.
  • 3. Founder of Athari Career Coaching, Amanda Armstrong

    Athari is a social enterprise providing job search and career coaching to women and purpose driven professionals passionate about making a positive impact in the world. We are a global community of changemakers, non-profit professionals, sustainability champions, social entrepreneurs, students & recent graduates, digital marketing creatives, travel lovers, human rights activists, book worms, and empathetic, kind, beautiful souls.
  • 2. Founder of Pumpspotting, Amy VanHaren

    Workplace support for breastfeeding parents is good for business. With breastfeeding employees facing a multitude of logistical, emotional and physical challenges that impact their success at feeding and at work, companies that invest in a lactation-supportive climate see a 94% retention rate, 50% reduction in sick days and $875 savings per feeding parent/year (US Dept. of Health & Human Services).Enter new mom Amy VanHaren, who founded pumpspotting after her lonely experience being a new breastfeeding, working, traveling new mama, who recognized that to be successful with breastfeeding, parents need both support and practical resources. Aside from the app available to individual users, pumpspotting provides a B2B version that allows employers to provide a custom experience (i.e., info on lactation lounges in the building and a closed community of fellow employees). There's right-size solutions for any business and their technology to make it easy to support feeding parents whether they are at work or home. Amy has connected and helped over 40,000 parents since founding this community.
  • 1. Director of People, Merlyn Mind, Allison Covarrubias

    Allison has led HR at companies such as Aircall, dailymotion and now Merlyn Mind. Her insights on building a career based on her interests, particularly identity, showcase how you don't need to have all the answers when it comes to building a career you're proud of.
  • 8. Executive Loneliness with Nick Jonsson, Bestselling Author, Founder, and Speaker

    As the co-founder and managing director of the Singapore branch of EGN (Executives’ Global Network), guest speaker, Nick Jonsson, talks about how he is matching senior executives in confidential peer groups where they can help each other face challenges and identify opportunities for growth. He is also an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach, who loves to work with executives to help them with their career and lifestyle choices.Nick holds a bachelor of communication degree (marketing and advertising) and a master's in public relations from Bond University, Australia, where he graduated top of his class.You can read more information about Nick on his LinkedIn page and follow to keep up with his journey:  Nick JonssonYou can read more about and connect with the show host, Neha Khurram, at or on IG @coach.neha
  • 7. Shake Up Your Space with AVP Communications at US Bank and Founder of Trendprescient, Arielle Miranda Goldberg

    Have you been wondering how to set up your home office to improve your well-being? Workplace wellness has entered the home in an increasingly remote working environment, and what employers may have been intentional about pre-pandemic in offices, has now become a part of an employee's choice to create functional, pleasing spaces to thrive at work and in life. Tune in to learn about Arielle's career story as AVP Communications at U.S. Bank as well as her concurrent role as Founder of trendprescient, an interior design firm sourcing ethical goods to design refreshing spaces that inspire. To connect with Arielle, visit her page on Instagram @ariellemirandagoldberg connect with Neha, visit
  • 6. Transform Your Career with Founder and CEO of Avarah Careers, Sarah Baker Andrus

    Sarah Baker Andrus is the founder and CEO of AvarahCareers, a career coaching business. She’s worked on all sidesof the hiring equation, as a recruiter, hiring manager, and a career counselor, serving in the corporateworld, non-profits, and academia. When it comes to the hiring process and how it works from the inside,she’s seen it all.In addition to leading Avarah Careers, she currently teaches as an adjunctprofessor and serves as the Assistant Director of Career Services at the Universityof Delaware, coaching MBA students and alumni. When she’s not working,she enjoys reading, writing, good food and wine, running through Delaware’sbeautiful parks, and hanging with the people she loves the most.Visit to connect with guest, Sarah Andrus BakerVisit to connect with the host, Neha KhurramFollow @beamcareercoaching for more career transformation stories.
  • 5. Workplace Wellness with Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of American Happiness Project, Michelle Wax

    Michelle Wax is the founder of American Happiness Project, a movement across 50 states focused on creating more joy in the everyday. Wax works with top companies and schools across the USA to help teams thrive in uncertainty, use stress to their advantage, and create positive mindsets through workshops + programs to build community and connection. She produced the American Happiness Documentary, released in February 2021 and also works privately with individuals and groups through their CONNECTION program. Prior to founding American Happiness Project — Wax founded two companies in the food industry, which she sold in 2019. She has been praised to be "incredibly knowledgeable, relate-able, and approachable" and she "brings great energy that very few are able to bring to the online world".Host, Neha Khurram, probes guest, Michelle Wax on the following to help listeners build a culture of wellness at work: What companies can do to improve workplace culture in order to elevate burnoutDaily systems and processes that’ll help create a more positive environment long-termTactics employers can use to help employees detach from work when their day is doneConnect with the host on IG @coach.neha and subscribe for more episodes!