Career Catharsis


Dr. Simon Maltais, Cardiac Surgeon, Author of Healthcare Anonymous

Season 4, Ep. 5
Dr. Simon Maltais is an active cardiac surgeon in one of the world’s largest providers of healthcare services. Board-certified from Canada, served as a previous vice chair of the Mayo Clinic, he has a doctorate degree in biomedical engineering and heart regeneration. He is an internationally recognized leader in the field of heart transplantation, mechanical heart devices, and alternative cardiac interventions. Simon has worked in two different countries and health systems, and provides a unique perspective on the delivery of care and its inherent challenges for healthcare workers, particularly in these difficult and tiring times. Before 40, Simon raised to lead 2 world-renowned programs in his specialty and has pioneered numerous novel approaches for advanced cardiac surgery interventions. At the age of 35, he was among the youngest promoted associate professors at a nationally recognized institution. Simon is a frequent keynote speaker, has published more than 160 articles and has contributed to numerous books.With all this success he was forced to take a step back. Knowing he had to make significant personal and professional changes but unwilling to leave and relinquish years of clinical practice and training, Simon set out to find a comprehensive and organized way to regain control. Simon now leads a newly created physician-driven effort committed to recognizing, understanding, and mentoring all individuals functioning in high-intensity and high-demanding environments (healthcare, business, professional sports) to perform. He has encouraged the formation of a community of leaders and shaped a dedicated forum for the identification, prevention and active comprehensive healing of chronic unhealthy behaviors, addictions, and associated physical and mental health-related issues like depression, burnout, and anxiety.Simon is the author of the acclaimed book called Healthcare Anonymous: Learn How to Put Yourself First While Pursuing a Calling that offers a map for healthcare workers to understand their struggles and start a process of recovery. He no longer feels like he is owned by an environment and is dedicated his life to this calling. He lives in Malibu in California with his family, continues to travel around the world and to challenge taboos while helping others learn from his experience.