Call of Calamity

We delve into the mysteries of the Cthulhu mythos with an eclectic cast of player characters and a mad cultist Keeper. Will they keep their wits about them when faced with the horrors from beyond the stars and classic monsters of yore?


Eric Reed - Bureau of Investigation Agent with an obsession for rare and exotic books and a mandate to protect the nation from the evils contained within.

Annie Waronek - Filmmaker seeking evidence of the strange and bizarre on the fringes of society.

Cordelia Westhaven - Film Star of the silent era who takes the lead in Annie's crazy films.

Madeline Pedley - Bureau of Investigation Forensic Surgeon with a curiosity of what lies beyond life and death.

Edith O'Rourke - Asylum Nurse who takes it upon herself to investigate the ravings of the madmen under her care.

Cecil Lawrence - Pulp horror writer looking for inspiration for his next story.