Cage Rage - A Nicolas Cage Podcast

Nicolas Cage is the greatest actor of our generation.

Hi, Hello, Welcome! How are ya?!

My name is Darryl Edge. I’m a huge Nicolas Cage fan, a Cage Connoisseur and advocate of the acting genius himself. Why is he the greatest, I hear you ask? Nicolas Cage makes choices. He is a man full of artistic integrity who chooses the make the film other actors are too scared to approach. He has range, he has emotions, and my god he has the ability to lose his damn shit.

I ask you to join me on this adventure, as I watch every single film the Cage man has ever starred in and discuss, review and laugh about them all on my journey to true Cage Nirvana!

Darryl Edge

Darryl Edge is a writer and other such terms to describe people without a 'real' job. His has a son/cat named Kit and lives with his partner, who is not a lifelong Nicolas Cage fan.