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  • 15. Education as Beatitude

    In this episode, Dr. Perrin sits down with author Danielle Bennett Dukes to discuss the notion of education as beatitude. They discuss the ways that the beatitudes serve as an educator's Telos and the way they prepare students to live in a world of paradox and suffering. Cafe Schole is produced for the CiRCE Podcast Network by Goldberry Studios.

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  • 14. John Henry Newman

    In this episode, Dr. Christopher Perrin presents an overview of John Henry Newman and the central ideas in his book The Idea of a University. Perrin shows how Newman draws from the tradition of education that preceded him and re-articulates what liberal education could and should be in his own time. Cafe Schole is produced by Goldberry Studios for the CiRCE Podast Network.
  • 13. The Florilegium (aka The Commonplace Book)

    In this episode, Dr. Perrin describes the monastic practice of keeping a commonplace book, called a Florilegium or "Book of Flowers," and suggests that the benefits of this practice were profound and should be continued today.Cafe Schole is produced by Goldberry Studios for the CiRCE Podcast Network.
  • 12. The Monastic Tradition of Education

    In this episode, Dr. Perrin surveys the monastic tradition (with special emphasis on the Benedictine tradition) and notes those elements that are particularly suggestive for the modern renewal of restful, classical education. 
  • 11. Happiness and Contemplation

    In this episode, Dr. Christopher Perrin contemplates the distinction between the active life and the contemplative life, and the necessary harmony between the two.
  • 10. Study As Prayer and Love for God

    In this episode, Dr. Perrin discusses an essay by Simone Weil that reveals the relationship between attentive study and prayer that should lead us to love both God and neighbor. Can study be rightfully understood as prayer or leading to prayer?If you like this episode please be sure to rate and review wherever you get podcasts.
  • 9. Schole and Ecstasy

    In this episode, Dr. Perrin explores the ways in which an ecstatic encounter with truth is the way that an intellectual life begins. Remember to rate and review this show wherever you listen to podcasts.