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  • 194. E194 - Joey Levy from Betr

    On this weeks edition of the Business of Betting Podcast, Jason is joined by Joey Levy from Betr.With the backing of social media personality and boxer, Jake Paul, Joey is the Founder and CEO of Betr which is the first direct-to-consumer micro-betting focused sports betting company. Betr has also launched a new media venture for the next generation of sports fans. Betr is setting out to disrupt legacy gambling and legacy media, with a mission of making sports and betting Betr.Timecodes:00:46 - Who is Joey Levy and what is Betr?07:46 - What type of product is Betr?09:51 - What is the vision with Betr?13:21 - Customer / revenue numbers18:35 - What is it like working with somebody else's code?21:43 - What is Joey's view on the Friedberg hypothesis?31:48 - What is the goal with Betr?35:23 - What does Joey want to be when he grows up?#betting #business #exchange #podcast #smarkets #betr

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  • 193. E193 - Vinit Bharara from Mojo

    On this weeks edition of the Business of Betting Podcast, Jason is joined by Vinit Bharara, Co-Founder & CEO of Mojo.After just over two years working as an attorney in New York in the late 1990's, Vinit decided to change career paths and become an entrepreneur.Vinit is now onto his fifth start-up with Mojo which is the first ever licensed sports betting stock market.Timecodes:00:20 - Introduction02:05 - Vinit's background story03:55 - Vinit's early days as an entrepreneur05:30 - What kind of entrepreneur is Vinit?06:45 - What is Mojo?10:23 - The mechanics of Mojo22:39 - Mojo's business of model24:22 - What is becoming a bigger part of Mojo?27:23 - Why was Mojo set up?29:43 - What does Mojo class itself as?33:33 - What is next for Mojo?34:44 - What does Vinit want to be when he grows up?#betting #business #podcast #businessofbettingDownload SBK: Follow us on Twitter -
  • 192. E192 - Evan Kirkham from Outlier

    On this edition of the Business of Betting Podcast, Jason is joined by Evan Kirkham, Co-Founder & CEO of Outlier. Having previously worked as an attorney for over 10 years, in October 2020 Evan launched Outlier as a startup CEO and hasn't looked back since almost three years down the line. Outlier is a first-of-its-kind sports betting platform where sports fans can browse, analyze, and execute bets with confidence. Timecodes: 00:35 - A message to fans of the podcast02:38 - Getting to know Evan Kirkham07:18 - What is Outlier?08:30 - Why did Evan launch Outlier?12:45 - Is this a good time to be a startup?15:23 - Outlier's business model17:09 - What makes a customer want to join Outlier?19:48 - Where do Outlier get their insights?20:45 - Discussion on the different sports data providers23:44 - Who are Outlier's competitors?25:56 - Sports betting in Texas30:26 - Evan's vision for sports betting33:59 - What does Evan want to be when he grows up?Follow us on: / @businessofbetting Get in touch:
  • 191. E191 - Chris Bevilacqua from SimpleBet

    On this edition of the Business of Betting Podcast, Jason is joined by Chris Bevilacqua, Founder & CEO of SimpleBet. With a passion for sport held from an early age, Chris started his career as part of the video production team at NBC, making promos for NBA & NFL games. After a successful period in the TV industry in which Chris won awards, he decided to launch SimpleBet in 2018. SimpleBet is a B2B product development company using machine learning and automation to make every moment of every sporting event a betting opportunity. Timecodes:00:30 - Introduction to SimpleBet01:13 - Chris' passion for wrestling and the lessons it has taught him07:53 - Chris's background story 16:18 - The future of live sports broadcasting 23:50 - Why did Chris co-found SimpleBet?26:38 - The SimpleBet product and how it generates money28:35 - Does SimpleBet have competitors? How does it stand out?30:09 - Example of a SimpleBet market which can't be found elsewhere31:16 - How do SimpleBet get their data?35:25 - Will the likes of Draft Kings start to do this themselves?36:55 - The makeup of the business & what's next for SimpleBet41:42 - What does Chris want to do when he grows upFollow us on: / @businessofbetting Get in touch: #business #betting #podcast #businessofbetting #smarkets #exchange #sportsbook
  • 190. E190 - Soo Kim from Bally's

    On this edition of the Business of Betting Podcast, Jason is joined by Soo Kim, Chairman of Bally's Corporation. Soo is the founding partner of investment firm Standard General L.P. & is the firm's Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer. Soo has a wealth of experience in the investment space, but has also been involved in the evolution of the gaming industry. Timecodes: 00:57 - Soo's background03:30 - What kind of entity is Standard General?05:09 - The structure of a Hedge Fund07:55 - Types of investment13:15 - What does Soo class himself as?17:35 - Bally's thesis23:48 - How does Bally's differ from its competitors?25:07 - Bally's acquisition strategy26:56 - Raising share price29:39 - Could the physical and online business be separated?30:47 - Soo's view on sports betting33:11 - What does Soo want to be when he grows up? Follow us on: / @businessofbetting Get in touch: #business #betting #podcast #businessofbetting #smarkets #exchange #sportsbook
  • 189. E189 - Dustin Gouker

    On this edition of the Business of Betting Podcast, Jason is joined by Dustin Gouker, Consultant at Catena Media.Dustin's story began in the newspaper industry where he worked as a journalist for a number of years before venturing into marketing. In 2015, Dustin began to report on the sports betting and online poker industry for Legal Sports Report. His latest role was as a Vice President at Catena Media in charge of content. He is now acting as a consultant for Catena Media, while deciding what he would like to do next in his career.Timecodes:02:10 - Dustin's background04:15 - Daily Fantasy and Sports Betting10:45 - Dustin's opinions on sports betting in America14:50 - Jason v Dustin on regulation33:15 - What does Dustin make of 'The Big Four' in the US?35:40 - Dustin's view on a company like Smarkets43:25 - Next steps for DustinFollow us on: / @businessofbettingGet in touch: #betting #podcast #businessofbetting #smarkets #exchange #sportsbook
  • 188. E188 - Joel Simkins from Houlihan Lokey

    On this edition of the Business of Betting Podcast, Jason is joined by Joel Simkins, Managing Director in Houlihan Lokey's Technology Group. Joel began his career as a leading equity analyst before successfully transitioning to investment banking where he has gained a wealth of experience in the gaming industry. Jason and Joel cover a range of topics such as regulation in the industry, discussion on some of the leading sports betting companies, Joel's advice to young entrepreneurs and much more!Follow us on: / @businessofbettingGet in touch: #betting #podcast #businessofbetting #smarkets #exchange #sportsbook