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The Essentials of Effective Organization Design

Ep. 21

In this episode of BTG Insights on Demand, BTG’s Rachel Halversen is joined by Herman Vantrappen, managing director of strategic advisory firm Akordeon and co-author of "The Organization Design Guide: A Pragmatic Framework for Thoughtful, Efficient and Successful Redesigns", a comprehensive framework that enables executives and teams to have nuanced, in-depth and conclusive discussions about difficult organization design choices. Together, they’ll discuss best practices for effective organization design as well as best overarching org design principles, how leaders can identify the best fitting structure for their org, how to maintain and manage an organizational redesign, and more

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  • 20. Shaping the Future of Healthcare with AI

    In this episode of BTG Insights on Demand, Mal Postings—innovation expert and technology executive—joins BTG's Rachel Halversen to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence within the healthcare industry. Together, they'll explore use cases for AI in healthcare, such as personalized treatment plans, real-time monitoring, preventative care, digital user experiences, and more. They'll also discuss the benefits and challenges of AI implementation industry-wide along with emerging trends related to driving innovation and successful AI implementations that will shape the future of healthcare. Listen to the episode, read our lightly edited transcript, or jump right to a specific section of the chat below
  • 19. The Art of Intelligent Automation

    In this episode of BTG Insights on Demand, Vivek Garg—an independent expert in intelligent automation and artificial intelligence—joins BTG's Rachel Halversen to discuss the art of intelligent automation and how advances in artificial intelligence are helping top companies build and scale efficiency-boosting business solutions. Together, they'll explore the evolution of intelligent automation, sectors that are ripe for implementing intelligent automation, and solutions to common challenges companies may face on their intelligent automation journey.
  • 18. Creating AI Products for Business Impact

    In this episode of BTG Insights on Demand, Dr. Mohammad Ghassemi—an internationally renowned data scientist, professor of data science, national service scholar, and founder of boutique data and technology consulting firm Ghamut—joins BTG’s Rachel Halversen to discuss best practices for creating AI products that drive business impact. Together, they’ll explore three key pillars for successful AI systems, how AI can enhance human productivity, and common pitfalls companies fall into with AI product development. They’ll also discuss some emerging trends in AI that business leaders should be aware of today. 
  • 17. Generative AI Benefits and Best Practices for Businesses

    In this episode of BTG Insights on Demand, author, entrepreneur, and innovation expert Stephen Wunker of New Markets Advisors joins Business Talent Group’s Rachel Halversen to discuss generative AI, one of today’s most promising and disruptive technological developments. Together, they’ll explore the benefits companies may be able to unlock with generative AI, how business leaders can best begin to experiment with this rapidly developing technology, and the broader impacts it may present for the economy, labor market, and the world at large.
  • 16. FutureCasting Through Disruption and Uncertainty

    In this time of frequent and intense disruption, it’s clear that organizations must be prepared to act nimbly and strategically on any unlikely scenario the future throws their way. Yet while executives have long sought a way to reliably plot the future, traditional forecasting techniques frequently come up short as leaders focus on dealing with immediate crises, fail to spot potential disruptors as they arise, and struggle with linking long-term scenarios to short-term actions.As the Managing Director and Principal of New Markets Advisors, a boutique consulting firm specializing in innovation opportunities and capabilities, Stephen Wunker and Charlotte Desprat have deep experience in helping companies design distinctive strategies, craft creative business models, and create new ways to compete. In today's episode of BTG Insights on Demand, Stephen and Charlotte join BTG's Jennifer Napier to discuss their recent working paper, "Navigating Uncertainty with FutureCasting," which lays out a rigorous, four-step process to help organizations better prepare for all types of uncertainty.
  • 15. The Independent Talent Tipping Point

    Eric Gilpin, Senior Vice President of Sales at Upwork, and Jody Greenstone Miller, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Business Talent Group, have unparalleled visibility into the trends driving both the accelerating Talent Revolution and on-demand talent usage at top companies.In this episode of BTG Insights on Demand, Eric and Jody join Adam Zellner, BTG’s Vice President of Enterprise and Corporate Development, to discuss trends they're seeing in the current independent talent market, their insights on how companies can address their biggest opportunities and challenges by using on-demand talent platforms, and some predictions for how they see the landscape evolving in the coming years. 
  • 14. Business Resourcing Trends 2021: Agility, Resilience, and Leadership Liquidity

    As Business Talent Group’s Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer and a true thought leader on the future of work, Sandra Pinnavaia leads BTG’s business innovation work, building and nurturing key channel partnerships and enterprise relationships with top clients. Sandra has been with BTG since the company’s launch, bringing over 25 years of experience as a business leader, management consultant, and trusted advisor to her work transforming the way clients access high-end independent talent for critical business priorities.In this episode of the BTG Insights on Demand podcast, Sandra joins Jennifer Napier, Chief Marketing Officer for BTG, to talk about a few of the biggest leadership and resourcing trends shaping organizations today.
  • 13. The State of Enterprise Blockchain and Decentralized Finance

    Peter Wokwicz is a senior IT consultant and executive who helps companies overcome complex challenges and stay ahead of industry trends. As an independent BTG consultant and executive, Peter has led client's IT departments and their technology planning, has led enterprise blockchain implementations, and helps organizations create robust blockchain, eCommerce, POS, CRM, and organizational strategies. He has been involved with blockchain since its inception, including several evolutions of blockchain tech, and writes and speaks extensively on the topic. He joins BTG Chief Marketing Officer Jennifer Napier to talk about a few of the biggest trends shaping the market right now, including blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralized finance.The views expressed in this podcast are those of the guest alone and do not reflect the opinions of Business Talent Group. This information is not legal, financial, or tax advice and is being provided for educational purposes only. Investments mentioned in this program may not be suitable for you or your organization. You should make your own independent decision regarding them or talk to a licensed accountant, lawyer, or financial advisor to see what’s right for you.