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When Should I Speak with a Financial Planner? + How to Select One

Ep. 71

071 - Guilian DiLeonardo and Jacky Petit-Homme are certified financial planners and two of the three founding partners of Liberty One Wealth Advisors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After working at a traditional wirehouse, or bank, Jacky, Guilian and their partner opened their own independent wealth management firm.

Thomas, Guilian and Jacky discuss the roles and responsibilities of a fiduciary, the differences between a planner and an investment advisor, breaking out of the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, the decision to go independent, Liberty One's fee structure, and diversity in the financial services industry.


1:00 - Why does financial services have an air of mystery? 

9:00 - Investment Advice vs Financial Planning 

19:00 - Breaking out living paycheck to paycheck

26:00 - the entrepreneurial path and “going independent” as a financial planner 

32:00 - Liberty One’s fee structure 

37:00 - What is Liberty One’s Strategy in the downturn of August 2022?

44:30 - Liberty's Brand & Diversity

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