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The Physiology of Erections And Why You Should Avoid ED Medication, with Dr. Anne Truong

Ep. 66

066 - Dr. Anne Truong is a board-certified medical doctor with over 20 years of experience specializing in anti-aging and biologic cellular medicine. She is an Intimate health expert. Thomas and Dr. Truong discuss the definition and prevalence of erectile dysfunction, the physiology of getting and maintaining an erection, how ED pills hijack this natural process and their consequences, the impact of alcohol, smoking and vaping, the data on average penis size, and how sexual performance is a reflection of general health.


4:00 - How common is Erectile Dysfunction?

7:00 - Clinical definition of ED 

12:00 - what happens in the body to get an erection?

19:00 - How does smoking impact erections? 

22:00 - How does alcohol impact erections? 

26:00 - How big is the average penis?

33:00 - Quadriplegics can get erections 

35:00 - The mental side - declutter negative thoughts about performance 

44:00 - Scar Tissue in the penis from chronic ED 

50:00 - The clitoris is women’s pleasure organ

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