Bro Nouveau Podcast


Chasing a Career in Music and Navigating Life Transitions with Philip Paolino

Ep. 82

082- Philip Paolino is a Canadian sales professional and former professional musician. After meeting at a corporate sales training in 2018, Phil and Thomas stuck up a friendship. In this conversation, they discuss Phil's background growing up Italian and French Canadian in Montréal, his years as fronting a rock band, and how his life has changed since becoming a father.


1:00 - Quebec 

11:00 - Phi’s career as a musician 

25:00 - Leveraging music in a sales career 

34:00 - Developing Open Mindedness 

41:00 - Songwriting 

49:00 - Seeking Authenticity 

55:30 - Conversation Game 

  • Phil’s Question: Do you like your job, why or why not? 
  • Thomas’ Question: What is your favorite family tradition?