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Patrick Delorenzi: Sober Living and the Impact of Quitting Alcohol

Ep. 89

089 - Patrick Delorenzi is an Italian videographer and endurance athlete. In his twenties, Patrick identified that he had a problematic relationship with alcohol and went sober. Thomas and Patrick discuss what motivated him to quit alcohol, the impact it had on his relationships, what he has learned about himself in the process, and what other people considering sobriety can learn from his experience. On his YouTube channel, Patrick posts videos about triathlon, training metrics, and nutrition.


1:00- Drinking culture in Italy 

10:00 - What prompted Patrick to quit drinking 

19:00 - Vaping 

24:00 - Does exercise qualify as meditation? 

28:00 - The two ways to approach endurance sports 

34:00 - Social impact of not drinking 

45:00 - Future of Masculinity

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