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How do Interest Rates Interact with Inflation? + Don't Get Duped by Your 401(k) Provider, with Paul Sippil

Ep. 67

067 - Paul Sippil is a financial advisor who specializes in helping small businesses and individuals select the right 401(k) provider for their financial needs. He has websites and a YouTube channel with free educational information to help investors avoid unnecessary fees and maximize retirement savings.


3:00 - Financial Advisors don’t charge for the commensurate amount of work

6:00 - History of 401k & Why Asset Based Fees are BS  

10:30 - Guideline 401k price structure changes 

15:00 - Basics of Retirement Savings and How to Save 

21:00 - Budgeting - track your spending with simple “date - amount - description” format

24:30 - Expense Ratios- Active vs Passive Funds 

26:00 - How to pick a fund to invest in 

29:30 - Buy Low / Sell High? 

31:30 - True Diversification is outside of the US Market and understanding correlation 

40:00 - The argument for a gold standard 

47:00 - How do interest rates interact with inflation? 

54:00 - I Bond 

56:00 - Paul’s Services for employer-sponsored retirement plans

58:00 - Spark by seek discomfort game 

  • Thomas’ Question: how would your life change if you had 1 year left to live? 
  • Paul’s Question: what have you dreamed of doing for a long time and what is holding you back from doing it? 

References and Further Reading:

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All Weather Fund - Permanent Portfolio 

I Bond

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