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David Bonifacio: Venture Capital, Philosophy, and the Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom

Ep. 81

081 - David Bonifacio is a Filipino entrepreneur, investor, writer, and artist. His work ranges from building businesses and non-profit organizations, to contributing his thoughts and perspectives through his blog and major publications, and to creative expressions found in his stories, poetry, and paintings. David is the founder and CEO of Bridge (a Venture builder focused on the future of work), and is the Venture Partner of TNB Aura (Top-tier Southeast Asia-focused venture capital fund).


1:00 - Political Identity 

7:30 - How David organizes his life internally 

12:00 - money, losing identity as a provider 

25:00 - depth & intentionality 

40:00 - mindset as a leader in a developing economy 

48:00 - defining value

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